Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"You can leave now." [From July 11, 2011]

Crazy week ahead! And last week. Saw Abby again! Yah!!!!!!! We loved the balloons and glow sticks. We were like little children and having the time of our lives! We had to pop all the balloons, so we took pins and popped them all in 2 seconds! Way fun. Hno P took a video. I’ll have him send it to you. So if you receive an email from Pablo Penailillo that’s my teacher.

I’m so excited about Lila Doris! I would love to see a picture! And thanks for holding Clara. I saw some little children and wanted to hug them. I miss children so much. The Bradley’s family was in church yesterday. It was the best to hear a little child talk and a baby cry during sacrament! Almost burst out of my skin when I saw them. I was happier than ever!

I had a scary, moment on Wednesday. Elder Graham said something hilarious while I drank water and I choked. I either had to spit out the water or swallow it. I tried swallowing which made it worse. So I spit it into the garbage. But still I was choking and couldn't breathe. The elders and hermanas were horrified and their expressions were funny so I laughed more. Finally I focused on breathing. And getting the water out. But it was about 15 to 20 seconds that I couldn't breathe. I turned purple and they were all fearful for me. Hermana Clayton hit me on the back and I think that’s what did the trick. It was pretty funny afterward, but the hermanas told the elders not to make me laugh any more, especially while drinking water. It was a funny memory

Cleaning the temple was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! We cleaned the crystal of one chandelier and started to reassemble it in the 3 hours we were there. It was very fun! We had to make sure not to get cut. They use vinegar to clean everything. Also got a tour of the fourth floor where all the engineering and projectors are. Way neat! Elder Graham and Klauck were security detail. Really cool badges!

My teachers told us that if we leave the MTC knowing how to teach with the spirit they will have been successful. Last week we had a lesson and after Hermano P said, "You can leave now." I don't need to teach you any more. We helped our investigator come unto Christ and followed the Spirit. It was a really neat experience! Hermana Clayton told him to pray again to know if God is there and listens and loves him. He did that and the Spirit was very strong. Wicked awesome!

I have another p-day on Sat, so I may email again then. We fly out at at 11:25 am, Monday Salt Lake time so I’m calling before that between 8 and 11:25. Only half an hour, but very excited!!!!!!!!!! Need to get a calling card. Very excited. I’ll be sending a box home of things I don't need. Not too big hopefully.

There are 17 missionaries in our travel group, flying into Oakland. Only an hour-long flight I think. Not too long, but then an hour-long drive. Very excited and starting to pack. I’m a little nervous but also excited. My Spanish isn't that good, but I can pray and testify. Some days are better than others. Had a sub this past week that expected us to memorize something in a minute. It took me almost two minutes to memorize the first vision! But doing well, just can’t wait when it becomes second nature. I am a little nervous about my trainer, the first couple Sundays and lessons.

District is VERY excited about maple. Asked a couple days ago where it was. Can hardly wait!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks!LOVE YOU ALL! Give hugs to everyone for me next week. Have fun in NY!

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