Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Amazing and an incredible experience. [From June 27, 2011]

This week was wonderful!
We sang for all of the apostles but Elder Hales. He never came. The first day Thursday it was everyone but Elders Hales, Christofferson, and Perry. Elder Holland silently applauded us and mouthed, “thank you.” It was wonderful. He had tears in his eyes. We were all so touched. There were many tears the first day and not as many the following days. We met Elder Bednar yesterday. He came in to thank us for using our talents for good and bearing our testimonies in song. We were all touched and excited. He's shorter than you think. Probably 5’ 8” maybe 5’ 9”.

I met Marisa Johnson’s companion, the one in the district movies. She's very sweet and nice. Loved having Marisa as a companion.

For the next package the district has asked for fireworks, but glow sticks will do! Also they are all fascinated by the process of making syrup, especially Elder Graham. So could you send some syrup or maple candy; pictures on SD card or prints of trees being tapped, and an explanation of the process from tapping to boiling to the product? Please! They would love it. Also an explanation of the differences between red and sugar maple and whatever other kinds of maples there are. Only sugar can be tapped right? Cause that’s what I told them!

I think I may send you my journal entries again. There’s no way I can explain how amazing and all the adventures I had in 30 min never mind in a letter. All the mission presidents were amazing! They were all excited to serve. The special choir got to listen to part of their sacrament meeting with president Eyring. Which is a funny story! They forgot we were to sing so as consolation we got to listen to the talk over broadcast and we'll be getting a CD of our songs! I’ll send it to you soon. Then we sang in our room after it was done and a few presidents and wives heard us and came in. They thanked us and the spirit was very strong. Amazing and an incredible experience.

Our teacher taught us a new way to highlight the scriptures. He bolds words. Using a fine pen or marker he'll bold the words. It's really neat! I'm starting out with the attributes of Christ. Bolding just the nine attributes whenever I see them. I really like it!

The temple will be closed next week and then the week after for cleaning, so today was our last day as far as we know. But it was really cool because there were two brothers who were deaf! So they had two screens with interpreters. Really cool! I understood some things better too. Really neat.

Elder Jensen is doing well. I’ve seen him across the cafeteria a few times. Said hello when I passed by. Seems happy.

I picked up some rose petals from the temple and hope to press them! Maybe I’ll send them to you soon. How do you like the pictures? Is the plaque picture okay? If not I can do another.

Gingersnaps were the best!!! But because of persisting cough I think staying away from sweets will be good for now. Don’t know what you could send. Still have popcorn and goldfish!!!!!

Love forever

Three weeks left in MTC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Time flies so fast
Whitney bunny

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