Tuesday, August 2, 2011

1 1/2 days! [From July 16, 2011]

It’s been crazy packing. It’s hard to say goodbye to the Elders and Hermana Gueller, along with our teachers. We had our last class with Hermano Scott Thursday and tonight is Hermano P. We had to say goodbye to our progressive investigator too. Very sad and he's only acting!

I got a letter from Sister Meinhardt. She says they have chickens and turkeys, but they haven't produced any eggs. She thinks they're defective. So cute! I’m telling her a little about our chickens in my return letter.

Everyone loved the maple package! There’s only one chocolate left, and a little syrup. So excited to receive it. It was a district event opening it. After opening it a little and getting the SD card and cards (thank you love them!) I saw it was all maple. I decided to let Elder Graham open it. He was so excited. He is reading all the maple letters you sent and loving it! He spouts off some maple fact to any one who asks or will listen. He really wants to come to NH in March 2014. Taffy isn't my favorite thing, but it was good. Hermana Clayton loved it! She ate a number of them! It was very fun to show them where we live on the chocolate map, too. People enjoyed the Boston baked beans. Said they were similar to burnt peanuts. What ever they are!

All 17 missionaries are going to Santa Rosa! There’s a rumor that they're whitewashing. Meaning they are opening new areas and putting new missionaries in them. But who knows. It’s that or there’s a lot going home! It’s about half English and half Spanish missionaries.

LOVE YOU. TALK TO YOU SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 1/2 days!

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