Monday, August 15, 2011

"stick to my guns" [From August 15, 2011]

Sunny day here and loving the tan lines I'm getting!
The picture of Lila worked. So cute!

We may be going to the beach next p-day so I might get sea glass, but I’m hoping to go see the redwoods soon. I really want to send a pinecone home! :)

Elders Hatch and Van Gilder are lending us an AMAZING album; "A Nashville Tribute to Missionaries; The Work." Love it! A couple songs almost made me cry.

I love the postcards!!!!!!!!! I now have 32! My New England wall is expanding!

Sooo much has happened. It was a busy, crazy week...
I had my first interview with President Bunker. I loved it! He’s amazing! He suggested I read Lehi's dream and pay attention to how I can apply it to my life. He imagines it as chaos. With people wandering everywhere. It was interesting to read it again with that image. I took a couple pages of notes and marked up my scriptures some more. I don't have my notes with me right now, but what I do remember is that I need to fear God more than man. I can't worry about what others think, I need to go forth and work and do what I do because I know it's what the lord wants me to do, because I’ve had a conviction for myself. I found it interesting that Lehi didn't even realize there were people mocking until he saw people wandering away. He feared God more than man. So I’m trying to implement this into my life. I think it will help me when I want to homeschool my own children and others think I’m crazy or when I want to be vegetarian and I’m mocked. It’s a work in progress, but I’m taking steps. That’s something else President mentioned is that the people were continually pressing forward. They were progressing. So we need to make plans, goals, etc. have something to work towards and do it. They weren't on a moving sidewalk. They had to move themselves. So good! I need to stick up for myself and "stick to my guns" because I know what's right and what the Lord wants me to do. Therefore, I have been working on it ever since. I'm making very little progress, but it's progress. I’m thankful for President Bunker asking me to read it. I am changed, better, because of it.

President knows about not getting to bed on time. He told us to do planning for only 30 minutes and get to bed on time. We’re to report to him every once in a while. He’s concerned about us. I’m grateful he understands my need for sleep. He knows about Lyme and my weakened immune system. He’s very loving and caring about it. Oh, Hermana C. and I had matching outfits when we had our interviews. He really liked it! I have pictures on my camera. So fun!

Things have been going a little better since Wednesday. We still haven’t gotten to bed on time every night, but it's better. Progress! One night we had a member with us and when we went to drop her off her family wasn't home, so she was locked out. We couldn't just leave her outside so we sat in the car until her family returned fifteen or twenty minutes later. Which of course meant getting home about 10:20, or something. (I don't really remember.)

So one morning the water was having trouble draining and I knew it was because of hair in the drain. So I tried just getting it out with my fingers thinking it wouldn’t be too much. I got some out but there was still some in there. Anyway I got some scissors because it was wrapped around the drain and I pulled it out. IT WAS NASTY! I gagged a couple times. It was basically a hairy rat that came out. I have no idea how long ago it had been cleaned but it was a long time! GROSS! We bought one of those hair catcher things for the drain. It’s working well so far.

The branch had a picnic on Saturday. It was good to have a relaxing atmosphere to get to know the members better. They’re great! We love having meals from them and having time with the Elders.

I love you all.
Thanks for your support. Thank you for all you've taught me.
Transfers are 29Aug I think. I don't think I’ll be transferred though. We’ll see.
Off to do some errands and hop from door to door.   :)

Love you,
Whitney Bunny

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