Monday, August 29, 2011

"mormon helping hands" t-shirt [From 29AUG11]

WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm crying! I'm so happy for the Ortons!!!! The baby is so cute! I can't wait to meet him! Please give them my love and let them know I'm SO EXCITED for them!

It was transfers this week. I'm not transferred but our area has changed. Instead of having the northern part of Santa Rosa (College Street and north) and Windsor and Healdsburg we'll be exclusively in Windsor and Healdsburg. Elder Van Gilder will have the north of Santa Rosa with a new missionary coming in today! And Elder Hatch will stay in south Santa Rosa with Elder Rollins. So we'll have six missionaries in the Branch. Very exciting. It was hard to give up those we were teaching in the Santa Rosa area. We've come to love them and enjoyed teaching them and their families.

I had exchanges again this week. Instead of me going somewhere I stayed in my area with Sister Thurston, an English sister. She speaks very little Spanish. So I was in charge of teaching. Thankfully we had Nathalie with us, so she helped me a lot. She translated when I didn't understand and then when I didn't know a word she would help me. But I realized I know a bit more Spanish than I originally thought. Of course I relied on the Spirit and felt it's guidance and felt it lose my tongue. When we exchanged back we met at the Institute building for free milkshakes. So yummy!

For my personal study time I take some time to study specifically for one of our investigators. It’s been working really well because I’m more a part of the lesson and not just testifying. I actually teach. And sometimes I begin teaching. Its’ so fun! It was also good because one time I told our investigator, Pancho that I studied for him that morning. He was very surprised, but pleased. I think it made him feel cared for and he accepted our message better than before. Because he knew I had taken time to plan for him he was more receptive. It was a good experience.

On Friday we had an opportunity to serve. There is a couple that is moving so we helped them pack up their dishes while the Elders moved boxes and other heavy things from upstairs. It was very fun and so good to serve. Also, I got to wear my "mormon helping hands" t-shirt! I took a couple pictures. It was so fun to put it on! I’m very excited to have one. I’ve always wanted one!

We had a baptism on Saturday! It was great! Carlos was nervous but happy to get baptized. When he got into the water the Spirit hit me and I could see how much he's progressed and what a great life he has ahead of him, because of the gospel. I’m so grateful I could be a part of teaching him the gospel. It’s a great privilege to help someone along the path towards eternal happiness and Christ.

So I made a funny Spanish mistake the other day. Thankfully I was talking with a member on the phone and she understands, but anyway it was pretty funny! Instead of saying "le llamaremos" (we'll call you later) I said "le amaremos" (we'll love you later) So funny! We were laughing throughout the day. Oh, good times!

Olivia looks gorgeous and so happy! And the cake is amazing!! Better than mine! I love it!

I'm so grateful you have power.  I did hear about the earthquake and was excited to hear what happened. I’m sad the monument, cathedral, and especially the temple have some damage. Did you feel anything? And the storm? I didn't know about that. How much rain did you get? Was it really windy? I’m sure you had fun playing games and having fun with family.

I forgot until this morning about Old Home Day! How could I?! I’m glad most everyone could join you. I love Old Home Day!

No time left.
I made it through a transfer! Let everyone (family, the ward, anyone who asks about me :) know I love them. And that I’m grateful for their support.

We’re off to get laundry and then who knows what. We aren't quite sure. Actually for sure we're washing our car. Whether in a car wash or by hand, we'll see!
Here’s a photo of me, Carlos, and Hna. C.
Hope your birthdays were great!

over and out
hermana whitney bunny stephenson :)

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