Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We’ll be singing for the prophet!!!!!!!! [From June 20, 2011]


I’m doing better than last week. My throat is better my cold is better, almost gone. My eyes got red because of cold. Taking eye drops (no bueno) and getting better. Taking vitamins faithfully.

I LOVED THE PACKAGE! Thank you so much! We are having a hard time not gorging on cookies. Saving gingersnaps for last, but being aware of expiration date! Tissues came at a perfect time with cold. Tape works well and is fun. I LOVE all the quotes!!!! Thank you! They are everywhere around the room. Elder Kent loves his quote. Came at perfect time. Stamps were perfect timing too. Used last one just before opening package! I love the address labels!

Singing is going well, loving it!!! So fun! Rates priority over everything else. So no class if need be. New mission presidents come in this week. Already begun to arrive. Besides Christmas this is best time to be here.

I am excited for this upcoming week with almost all the apostles coming!!!! We’ll be singing for the prophet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited. All but two apostles of the 15 will be here throughout the week. Building 1 is closed for the duration. This is when apostles will be wandering halls and wandering campus at all hours. Example: Pres. Eyring came last year at 4:00 in the morning to gain inspiration!

Saw Elder [Matt] Jensen twice! Said, “hello,” for you. So good to see him. He’s doing well. Elder Jensen looked very happy! From what I see he has a good companion. They are early to all the meetings and excited about this week. Perfect time to enter MTC!

I told sister Bradley (branch president’s wife) about the blog. I told her she could comment if she wanted to. She was excited about it.

The weather has been beautiful. Yesterday it rained. Poured in the morning then let up in the afternoon just in time for a walk to the temple! Otherwise it has been in the 70's or higher. Lovely!


Thanks you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you forever!
I think of you all every day
Love you forever my eternal family!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I have no voice and a cold. [From June 13, 2011]

First of all I survived.
Secondly I’m on the mend.
And finally, one moment yesterday made it all worth it.

Tuesday night we found out the bumps we have are from bed bugs. Sister Bradley (branch president’s wife) recognized them right away. Told us to go the health clinic in the morning and take care of it. Wednesday was an all day event. From 8 to 3:30 we were washing everything, getting it all dry cleaned, showering and moving to another room.

Thursday I got three immunization shots, and came down with aches and pains and fever Saturday. Sore throat started on Friday. Now I have no voice and a cold. The shuttle took us to Instacare because the health clinic is closed on the weekends. Then he took us to Walgreens to pick up a prescription; “miracle mouthwash” for my throat. I gargle a few times a day with it. They had to make it especially for me. Not strep. No idea why the sore throat. Not from bed bugs or shots. Doctor doesn't know but it may have been a prelude to the cold. Hurts to swallow. Have some ricola drops and Emergen-c drinks. Feeling better since Elders Lauck and Graham gave me a blessing Saturday. I am still on the mend and slightly weak, gaining my energy back slowly. The elders were so jealous that we got to go to Walgreens! They asked why we didn’t pick anything up for them.

I was selected to sing in the special choir!  Hopefully my energy will be back for Friday. We will sing for the new mission presidents coming June 22nd. Only 2 dozen missionaries were chosen. I get to sing for the new mission presidents and their wives and probably some general authorities. We’ll have 5 rehearsals. So excited!

Elders Soppinger and Smith left Tuesday for Guatemala. Sad to see them go.
The new district and the three hermanas are fun. Hermanas Miller and Bleazard are going to the DC visitor center and Hermana Johnson is going to the Mormon Battalion site!

I live in 17M and my class is in 18M, both on the third floor. Yes by gym. Abby teaches in 17M, seen her three times!

One of our teachers is a progressive investigator, Hermano Scott . We gave him his scriptures and some cookies from the cafeteria. He thought it was pretty funny. He served in Madrid Spain. Hermano Penailillo is from Chile and served in LA. One of our subs, Hermano Steele, looks like Clark Kent/superman. So fun! He served in Philadelphia.

I will look for Elder Jensen. We are getting 400 new missionaries on Wednesday.

Love you forever.

So happy to hear Olivia is officially engaged! [From June 6, 2011]

I have 30 minutes, but it's always crazy. There are fingers flying across the keyboards [all around me] and stressed missionaries when their time is running out. Funny!

Last Friday the hermanas and I played softball and kickball with two elders we met on the field. We won kickball, but they won softball. I warned them about my lack of abilities. They didn't believe me until I started playing and dodging the balls!

So I have two pets; I named them Bongo and Chester. They’re dogs we met on the field. We were walking the perimeter and they followed us. They were very friendly. We only saw them that one day but it was funny. We have no idea who they belonged to, but we adopted them for an hour.

We see Sister Stone when walking from class to meal or back from temple walk. So it's a quick hug and on our way.

So I have some bumps on my hands arms and legs that haven't been going away and each day there are more. We saw the doctor because we all have them and he said it was just a coincidence. Might be from outside, but Hermana Clayton and I think it may be from the detergent.

Love the pictures of Jack and Caelan!! They are on my desk. No tape to tape them to the wall yet. And the drawings are the best! I’m collecting quite a pile!

Elder Lauck just handed me two more letters from Andrea and Jack!!
Don’t forget to put my mailbox # 303 and departure date 0718

Love you all! Say hello to everyone for me!
So happy to hear Olivia is officially engaged!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED!



Saturday, June 4, 2011

"I love quotes"!

I'm baaaaack!

Thanks for the cookies. The district loved them!
How’s planting the garden going? Has the rain stopped?
It rained off and on all weekend. The mountains got snow last night. It’s cold!
I was so cold in sacrament meeting Elder Cray from our zone lent me his suit coat. I felt bad because he was the only one without a coat and the elders are supposed to keep their coats on unless the presiding authority says they can take them off. President Bradley saw him and then saw me and laughed. He pointed it out to his counselor, Brother Anderson. Brother West wasn't there yet.

So the patio is coming along well I assume. Could you send me pictures and maybe even a copy of dad's plan?
Yes Hermana Clayton is from the BYU bookstore. I told her within the first couple minutes of meeting her. We have tons of fun! Saturday we had a giggling fit. Hermana Gueller was confused and wondering what happened. We explained that we were just tired. We’ve had a couple other giggling moments since then. It's a BLAST!

Tuesday night we had Elder and Sister Nelson speak. Amazing! My favorite part is that he told us when someone asks us what we do tell them, "We follow Jesus Christ" also he said, “Obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings power!” Cool huh? Maybe send me a print out. I love quotes! I think my house may end up looking like the Meinhardt’s house!
Everyone is so fun! We had an amazing Saturday night. We talked about the Holy Ghost and it's power. The spirit entered the room and we basically had a testimony meeting just a lot less formal. It brought us together. After Elder Kent said, "Now we're family, ohana" we all agreed. Our teacher is amazing. He felt he needed to bring us to listen to a song by Polynesians. POWERFUL! He deviated from his original plans. He’s really good at listening to the spirit. Can’t say enough about him. Hermanao Penailillo is incredible. His wife is Rebecca Lopez from Andrea’s mission. The singer. She knows Hermana Ghan.

I love Jackson’s drawings! If I had tape I would hang them on the wall. I’ll send him a card today.

Andrea, I love the hearts in your first letter. They’re all over my desk! We didn't have temple today because of Memorial Day. So it's been slow, lots of letter writing and studying. Not much different than any other day really! Last night we had Brother Allen of missionary management speak. Amazing talk! But after the prayer he got up to add one more thing. He asked us to memorize a scripture, the last four words of 2 Nephi. "I will obey. Amen." I’m making a quote board I think, with all the quotes! Also we watched a recording of Elder Holland at the MTC speaking about how missions are forever. If you can get a hold of it, read or watch it! Amazing!!!! Favorite part: “Make God’s work your work. Preach MY gospel. Make it personal. The road to Gethsemane wasn't easy. The road to salvation goes through Gethsemane.

In sacrament meeting Sister Bradley talked about faith and created a poem:
Heavenly Father
   Christ’s Atonement
                 Holy Ghost

See “faith” spelled out? Neat huh!

One for each of you
Whitney Bunny

I guess I got almost everything in! Amazing. Sorry about the bad spelling. Fingers flying across the keys!!!!!!!!!!!!


Letters are in the mail on their way!
Times up
Tell everyone  I love them
Rachel and Kierra and Jessica, too

Until next time


I can pray in Spanish!!!

Can you hear me? Where you at?
It's been amazing. The first day was a little overwhelming with all the new information, but it's been a blast.
Hermana Clayton is my companion. She's the cutest ever. Our temperaments are the same. We have fun. The other sisters in our district are Hermana Gueller and Stone. We have loads of fun! The elders in our district are hilarious and keep us laughing.

My mailbox number is 303 district 12A. I think you have the rest of it in the booklet.
Amazing! So fun!
My Spanish is coming along well. I can pray in Spanish!!!
Hermano Penailillo is the best teacher. He's from Chile. His wife served in Mesa visitor center 2008-2009; Rebecca Lopez. Andrea may know her. She sings extremely well and is well known.

We just got back from the temple. It was raining so a couple drove us "home."
Hermana Stone says her family would send her cookies the first day, but they haven't come yet. So all the elders ask her every day. So maybe send cookies to our district; district 12A.

I miss everyone. 

Yes I took some photos. There isn’t much time to take photos though. But on our temple walk yesterday we made a point to take photos. My district is very fun. Each day we grow closer together and become better friends. We have people going to Guatemala, Costa Rica, New York South, and Santa Rosa. Hermana Clayton and I go to Santa Rosa along with Elder Kent from Hawaii, originally Samoa. He’s hilarious. He’s the one to make it fun and make us laugh.

Hermana Stone is in my district. Clayton is my companion. Stone may be leaving to intermediate class though. So Gueller, Clayton and myself will become a three-some. Stone is from Provo, Clayton is from Sandy, UT, and Gueller is from Wyoming.

I am in the TALL lab (technology assisted language learning) near my classroom.

Yes, I saw Abby [Billin], we were on our way back from the missionary field, so I was in sweats, but it was WONDERFUL to see her. She teaches in the bottom floor of my dorm. She’s doing really well.

How is everyone? Still raining? Been raining off and on every day. Pouring today.

Monday is p-day [Preparation Day].

I love you and think of you every day! 
Love Min