Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So happy to hear Olivia is officially engaged! [From June 6, 2011]

I have 30 minutes, but it's always crazy. There are fingers flying across the keyboards [all around me] and stressed missionaries when their time is running out. Funny!

Last Friday the hermanas and I played softball and kickball with two elders we met on the field. We won kickball, but they won softball. I warned them about my lack of abilities. They didn't believe me until I started playing and dodging the balls!

So I have two pets; I named them Bongo and Chester. They’re dogs we met on the field. We were walking the perimeter and they followed us. They were very friendly. We only saw them that one day but it was funny. We have no idea who they belonged to, but we adopted them for an hour.

We see Sister Stone when walking from class to meal or back from temple walk. So it's a quick hug and on our way.

So I have some bumps on my hands arms and legs that haven't been going away and each day there are more. We saw the doctor because we all have them and he said it was just a coincidence. Might be from outside, but Hermana Clayton and I think it may be from the detergent.

Love the pictures of Jack and Caelan!! They are on my desk. No tape to tape them to the wall yet. And the drawings are the best! I’m collecting quite a pile!

Elder Lauck just handed me two more letters from Andrea and Jack!!
Don’t forget to put my mailbox # 303 and departure date 0718

Love you all! Say hello to everyone for me!
So happy to hear Olivia is officially engaged!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED!



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