Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We’ll be singing for the prophet!!!!!!!! [From June 20, 2011]


I’m doing better than last week. My throat is better my cold is better, almost gone. My eyes got red because of cold. Taking eye drops (no bueno) and getting better. Taking vitamins faithfully.

I LOVED THE PACKAGE! Thank you so much! We are having a hard time not gorging on cookies. Saving gingersnaps for last, but being aware of expiration date! Tissues came at a perfect time with cold. Tape works well and is fun. I LOVE all the quotes!!!! Thank you! They are everywhere around the room. Elder Kent loves his quote. Came at perfect time. Stamps were perfect timing too. Used last one just before opening package! I love the address labels!

Singing is going well, loving it!!! So fun! Rates priority over everything else. So no class if need be. New mission presidents come in this week. Already begun to arrive. Besides Christmas this is best time to be here.

I am excited for this upcoming week with almost all the apostles coming!!!! We’ll be singing for the prophet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited. All but two apostles of the 15 will be here throughout the week. Building 1 is closed for the duration. This is when apostles will be wandering halls and wandering campus at all hours. Example: Pres. Eyring came last year at 4:00 in the morning to gain inspiration!

Saw Elder [Matt] Jensen twice! Said, “hello,” for you. So good to see him. He’s doing well. Elder Jensen looked very happy! From what I see he has a good companion. They are early to all the meetings and excited about this week. Perfect time to enter MTC!

I told sister Bradley (branch president’s wife) about the blog. I told her she could comment if she wanted to. She was excited about it.

The weather has been beautiful. Yesterday it rained. Poured in the morning then let up in the afternoon just in time for a walk to the temple! Otherwise it has been in the 70's or higher. Lovely!


Thanks you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you forever!
I think of you all every day
Love you forever my eternal family!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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