Saturday, June 4, 2011

I can pray in Spanish!!!

Can you hear me? Where you at?
It's been amazing. The first day was a little overwhelming with all the new information, but it's been a blast.
Hermana Clayton is my companion. She's the cutest ever. Our temperaments are the same. We have fun. The other sisters in our district are Hermana Gueller and Stone. We have loads of fun! The elders in our district are hilarious and keep us laughing.

My mailbox number is 303 district 12A. I think you have the rest of it in the booklet.
Amazing! So fun!
My Spanish is coming along well. I can pray in Spanish!!!
Hermano Penailillo is the best teacher. He's from Chile. His wife served in Mesa visitor center 2008-2009; Rebecca Lopez. Andrea may know her. She sings extremely well and is well known.

We just got back from the temple. It was raining so a couple drove us "home."
Hermana Stone says her family would send her cookies the first day, but they haven't come yet. So all the elders ask her every day. So maybe send cookies to our district; district 12A.

I miss everyone. 

Yes I took some photos. There isn’t much time to take photos though. But on our temple walk yesterday we made a point to take photos. My district is very fun. Each day we grow closer together and become better friends. We have people going to Guatemala, Costa Rica, New York South, and Santa Rosa. Hermana Clayton and I go to Santa Rosa along with Elder Kent from Hawaii, originally Samoa. He’s hilarious. He’s the one to make it fun and make us laugh.

Hermana Stone is in my district. Clayton is my companion. Stone may be leaving to intermediate class though. So Gueller, Clayton and myself will become a three-some. Stone is from Provo, Clayton is from Sandy, UT, and Gueller is from Wyoming.

I am in the TALL lab (technology assisted language learning) near my classroom.

Yes, I saw Abby [Billin], we were on our way back from the missionary field, so I was in sweats, but it was WONDERFUL to see her. She teaches in the bottom floor of my dorm. She’s doing really well.

How is everyone? Still raining? Been raining off and on every day. Pouring today.

Monday is p-day [Preparation Day].

I love you and think of you every day! 
Love Min

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