Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Now I have no voice and a cold. [From June 13, 2011]

First of all I survived.
Secondly I’m on the mend.
And finally, one moment yesterday made it all worth it.

Tuesday night we found out the bumps we have are from bed bugs. Sister Bradley (branch president’s wife) recognized them right away. Told us to go the health clinic in the morning and take care of it. Wednesday was an all day event. From 8 to 3:30 we were washing everything, getting it all dry cleaned, showering and moving to another room.

Thursday I got three immunization shots, and came down with aches and pains and fever Saturday. Sore throat started on Friday. Now I have no voice and a cold. The shuttle took us to Instacare because the health clinic is closed on the weekends. Then he took us to Walgreens to pick up a prescription; “miracle mouthwash” for my throat. I gargle a few times a day with it. They had to make it especially for me. Not strep. No idea why the sore throat. Not from bed bugs or shots. Doctor doesn't know but it may have been a prelude to the cold. Hurts to swallow. Have some ricola drops and Emergen-c drinks. Feeling better since Elders Lauck and Graham gave me a blessing Saturday. I am still on the mend and slightly weak, gaining my energy back slowly. The elders were so jealous that we got to go to Walgreens! They asked why we didn’t pick anything up for them.

I was selected to sing in the special choir!  Hopefully my energy will be back for Friday. We will sing for the new mission presidents coming June 22nd. Only 2 dozen missionaries were chosen. I get to sing for the new mission presidents and their wives and probably some general authorities. We’ll have 5 rehearsals. So excited!

Elders Soppinger and Smith left Tuesday for Guatemala. Sad to see them go.
The new district and the three hermanas are fun. Hermanas Miller and Bleazard are going to the DC visitor center and Hermana Johnson is going to the Mormon Battalion site!

I live in 17M and my class is in 18M, both on the third floor. Yes by gym. Abby teaches in 17M, seen her three times!

One of our teachers is a progressive investigator, Hermano Scott . We gave him his scriptures and some cookies from the cafeteria. He thought it was pretty funny. He served in Madrid Spain. Hermano Penailillo is from Chile and served in LA. One of our subs, Hermano Steele, looks like Clark Kent/superman. So fun! He served in Philadelphia.

I will look for Elder Jensen. We are getting 400 new missionaries on Wednesday.

Love you forever.

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