Saturday, June 4, 2011

"I love quotes"!

I'm baaaaack!

Thanks for the cookies. The district loved them!
How’s planting the garden going? Has the rain stopped?
It rained off and on all weekend. The mountains got snow last night. It’s cold!
I was so cold in sacrament meeting Elder Cray from our zone lent me his suit coat. I felt bad because he was the only one without a coat and the elders are supposed to keep their coats on unless the presiding authority says they can take them off. President Bradley saw him and then saw me and laughed. He pointed it out to his counselor, Brother Anderson. Brother West wasn't there yet.

So the patio is coming along well I assume. Could you send me pictures and maybe even a copy of dad's plan?
Yes Hermana Clayton is from the BYU bookstore. I told her within the first couple minutes of meeting her. We have tons of fun! Saturday we had a giggling fit. Hermana Gueller was confused and wondering what happened. We explained that we were just tired. We’ve had a couple other giggling moments since then. It's a BLAST!

Tuesday night we had Elder and Sister Nelson speak. Amazing! My favorite part is that he told us when someone asks us what we do tell them, "We follow Jesus Christ" also he said, “Obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings power!” Cool huh? Maybe send me a print out. I love quotes! I think my house may end up looking like the Meinhardt’s house!
Everyone is so fun! We had an amazing Saturday night. We talked about the Holy Ghost and it's power. The spirit entered the room and we basically had a testimony meeting just a lot less formal. It brought us together. After Elder Kent said, "Now we're family, ohana" we all agreed. Our teacher is amazing. He felt he needed to bring us to listen to a song by Polynesians. POWERFUL! He deviated from his original plans. He’s really good at listening to the spirit. Can’t say enough about him. Hermanao Penailillo is incredible. His wife is Rebecca Lopez from Andrea’s mission. The singer. She knows Hermana Ghan.

I love Jackson’s drawings! If I had tape I would hang them on the wall. I’ll send him a card today.

Andrea, I love the hearts in your first letter. They’re all over my desk! We didn't have temple today because of Memorial Day. So it's been slow, lots of letter writing and studying. Not much different than any other day really! Last night we had Brother Allen of missionary management speak. Amazing talk! But after the prayer he got up to add one more thing. He asked us to memorize a scripture, the last four words of 2 Nephi. "I will obey. Amen." I’m making a quote board I think, with all the quotes! Also we watched a recording of Elder Holland at the MTC speaking about how missions are forever. If you can get a hold of it, read or watch it! Amazing!!!! Favorite part: “Make God’s work your work. Preach MY gospel. Make it personal. The road to Gethsemane wasn't easy. The road to salvation goes through Gethsemane.

In sacrament meeting Sister Bradley talked about faith and created a poem:
Heavenly Father
   Christ’s Atonement
                 Holy Ghost

See “faith” spelled out? Neat huh!

One for each of you
Whitney Bunny

I guess I got almost everything in! Amazing. Sorry about the bad spelling. Fingers flying across the keys!!!!!!!!!!!!


Letters are in the mail on their way!
Times up
Tell everyone  I love them
Rachel and Kierra and Jessica, too

Until next time


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