Friday, August 26, 2011

the best sound to a missionary’s ear is the sound of water in the font [week 14 - 22AUG11]

We didn't end up going to the ocean, but we played ultimate Frisbee instead, with most of the zone. So fun and hot! I actually played and had some good throws and catches. The Elders were impressed. That is, when I actually had the Frisbee! It was fun just to be in amongst the Elders and their playfulness. I think there were about 5 or 6 companionships. Then there was us and Nathlie, our member that is always with us! The Redwood Sisters showed up at some point. We didn’t get any pictures because it was sooo hot and we were all sweaty. Sorry.

We had cantaloupe water... blended cantaloupe with some sugar and water. So yummy! We made watermelon water at home. We had extra so we froze it in our ice cube trays and put toothpicks in them. So fun and delicious! You should try it!

I’m hoping I can send the SD card today. Hna C wants some pics from it. But we don't really have time today. It may get out tomorrow. Almost all of the space has been used up! So 400 pics! It should be fun!

LOVE the package!  Thank you so much! It was a bright spot in my day. Did you know that I now have 40 postcards?! So fun! I did get Rachel’s postcard. Very cute chipmunks!

We went to the temple on Thursday. Perfect timing. In between Olivia’s endowment [Wednesday] and sealing [Friday]. I also met in the celestial room the Bocks? or Bochs? They work with Nana and Grampa in the Boston Temple. They know the Orton’s. Are really good friends. They visit our ward every once in a while. So good to talk with them.

We had a baptism on Saturday. We got to fill the font. The plug wasn't working well so we got something to put over the drain. So I got to go wading! Up to my ankles! Wahoo! Then later to check the temperature I got to go in almost to my knees. So I went wading! In the font.

And the saying is right... the best sound to a missionary’s ear is the sound of water in the font. LOVE IT! The baptism was amazing. The spirit was so strong. The brother baptized was the boyfriend of one of our recent converts. It was a very special experience. We didn’t' actually teach him because he works just outside of our area so the Elders in that area taught him. He lives in our area hence why he was baptized in our area and he was technically our baptism. Although we did none of the teaching, it was a great experience! I got to bear my testimony and I felt the spirit come over me. The words just rolled off my tongue and it flowed. Everyone afterward was impressed with how my Spanish had improved. Little do they know that it was just the Spirit working through me and not me at all!

We were also asked by the Redwood Singles Sisters to bear our testimonies at their baptism yesterday because the family of their convert is Spanish and wouldn't understand the talks. That too was a nice experience. Once again the spirit worked through me and words flowed out of me. I love feeling the Spirit work through me and hearing Spanish come out of my mouth! Amazing!

Oh we finally found a water pitcher with a filter! So excited to use it! What we've been doing is saving all the water bottles from when people give us water and filling them at the church. It’s pretty funny! Carrying 20 bottles around. I have pictures of them all. It’s always a fun time filling them all up. It takes a while!

This week was rough with lack of sleep, but I made it! I'll take your advice and forget myself and get to work. I need to serve others. I need to focus on those I teach. It’s hard but I’m going to work on it this week.

I finished the Book of Mormon this morning! One of our investigators is trying to read it in a month too.

I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Happy Birthday Dad!

Hermana Stephenson / Whitney / Bunny / Minnie!!!

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