Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I brought in four sisters. [From July 4, 2011]

On Wednesday we got to host new missionaries. Meaning we bring them to their dorm, pick up badge, books, etc, and drop of at classroom to meet their companion and teacher and district, WAY FUN!!!!!!!!!!! I brought in four sisters. The last two I brought in were companions! Fun to see them around.

Way cool!
Check out the church website for the mission president seminar for articles and pictures of it. There is one with the choir and me in it, towards center, one left in purple sweater with white blouse, hair down.
We had a special 4th July celebration on Saturday. Bag pipes and lots of singing! And we got to stay up late too to watch the “stadium of fire” (BYU) fireworks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way exciting, have some pictures. It was fun to be with elders and feel like real people. Sunday was rough with more lack of  sleep and fasting. Made it through though!

I have a CD of our performance. Maybe I’ll send it home since we can’t listen to it here. No music in MTC.

On our temple walk we met our teacher’s fiancĂ©, Hermano Scott and Brenda. Way cute! Have pics of that too!

I’m great and so happy.

There’s a wall with pics of all mission presidents and I love looking at president and Sisters Wilkey and Bunker. There are two new sisters that left a couple weeks ago that went to NH. So fun. They have instructions to say hello if they ever make it to Plymouth.

Quote from district, ¨Your family / parents are the bomb.com tell them we love them and are so grateful. ¨ We are VERY EXCITED to have a party today and blow up all the balloons and eat cookies. The elders were practically dancing with excitement. Wish I had videoed the opening! Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it! Still want maple stuff with instructions elder graham really wants to tap the maple outside the dorm. And at his house. Which according to him he can get his hands around. No way will that work!

Saw Jenny Oaks Baker last night, and her 3 daughters! Amazing. They got a standing ovation! Played piano, cello, and violin. I am a Child of God. WAY CUTE!

L&N have fun at camp! G too!
Love you all. Thank you for the package and your love.
Love forever!

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