Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We taught three sisters, [From August 1, 2011]

I'm back. I told President about the talk I gave yesterday. The branch was impressed that I actually knew some Spanish. They were all proud of me. It was fun to see Hermana Christensen's face beaming.

The talk went well. The elders, Hatch and Van Gilder, were asked by someone if one of the missionaries could speak. They nominated me. This was Friday. So thankfully I had Saturday morning to prepare. I used a lot of quotes. It was of course about missionary work and how it blesses our lives. Everyone I talked with liked it.

We taught three sisters, the youngest our age. They were a referral from a recent RM [return missionary]. He gave us basically his whole family! The elders have half because they're in their area. We taught the three sisters. It was a great lesson. The spirit was so strong and we could tell they felt it. We had a good discussion about the restoration. They are very interested to learn more.

We’re actually at the mission office today emailing because we found out we couldn't do it at the Neunschwander's when they aren't there. The computer seems to be working faster. We may not even set up Facebook today because so many things are closed. It will probably happen tomorrow. But I’ll have a mormon.org profile, Facebook, and probably a blog. Everything will be mostly in Spanish.

I'm so excited for Olivia!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes I forget she's getting married. I want to do something, but don’t know what I can do. I may send you a letter for her, so I can be there too. Is everyone excited?! I’m excited to see photos of all the fun!

I absolutely love all the postcards. We came into the office one day and one of the sisters says, "Oh! You’re the sister with the 10 or 12 postcards!" they forwarded them to me and I had SO much fun reading them. I put them on a wall. It’s fun to walk by and see all the different photos.

The country is beautiful! There are vineyards more north in Windsor and Healdsburg. But we're usually driving by and I haven’t taken a picture yet.

There's a YW [young woman] that just celebrated her baptism year mark that has come out with us a few times. She’s great to have at lessons. So much has happened, but it's mostly lessons, lessons, and lessons.

I kind of forgot to write it all down. But the photo of our tags in the rose bush has a funny story. Once we took the photos before we could reach back, mine fell right into the thick of the thorns. I got a stick and pulled it out, but it was pretty funny. Hna, C took pictures. It’s comical of me kneeling on the ground reaching into a rose bush full of thorns. I only got a couple minor scratches.

I'm doing okay. Could be better, I’m tired all the time, mostly because we never get to bed on time. We’re working on it and making a real effort. We’ll see how I’m doing after this week. I’m working hard on being healthy and being exactly obedient. Pray that we'll get to bed on time. I think that's all I need.

I'm glad people love the letters. I love writing them. It’s kind of like writing in my journal and therapeutic. I can't think of anything else. I probably will in ten minutes!
I love you and hope you have another exciting week!
Love you all and have fun!!!
Whitney Bunny

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