Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our district last week taught 100 lessons

Transfers are next week. We actually went to Muir woods this morning with a couple from the Novato ward and four elders. It’s a redwood forest and gorgeous! I took pictures. I’m going to try and see if I can send you a picture over email. It was so fun! I’m so glad we were able to go!

We had a great week. Exchanges are going well. This week will be my last week as exchange sister. I’m kind of sad. I enjoy doing them. I love being able to help another sister and her area. I also love learning from the other sisters. They’re all so amazing!
The redwoods were amazing! It’s so peaceful. And I think I saw some lady slippers. They weren't in bloom so I couldn't really tell but I think that's what they were.
Saturday morning we had a Mormon helping hands project. The branch and English ward came together to clean up a park. It was so fun! It felt good to do some outdoors work.

But it still doesn't top what happened yesterday. We had a baptism! Michelle was baptized by her husband. It was a special occasion. The Spirit was strong and I loved it! It was amazing!

It was a great week and I can hardly believe that the transfer is almost over. The family we’ve been teaching, with the mother that was pregnant, had her baby last Monday. He’s so cute! We’ll be seeing them again tonight. We’re hoping to extend the baptismal invitation.

We have a couple other baptisms coming up next month, and many who we want to invite. The work is going really well. Our district last week taught 100 lessons. That’s 5 companionships. We’ll be aiming higher for this week.

That’s amazing that your elders had 11 member present lessons! I remember times in Vacaville when we were happy to have a total of 9 lessons weekly. I suppose Spanish is slightly different than English as well as California and New Hampshire. :)

I got Nancy’s letter and it said Dad's office is closing down. Does that mean he'll be working from home from now on?

Oh! We also went to the temple this passed Thursday. So much has happened this week it's crazy! The temple was amazing! As soon as I sat down in the chapel peace flooded my heart and I didn’t want to leave or move. I have felt so much better ever since then. I can tell when it's been a long time since going to the temple. I love it there!

Also, Friday night I got to see Ceri Christensen!!! I was so excited to see her! I wish I could go to her wedding in July.

This past week we taught 16 lessons. Over the past transfer our average has been 12-15. So we improved a little. Now it's just keeping it that way or going up is the trick.

I haven't seen Rorey. We’re about 45 min from Napa. It’s a different stake. But maybe I’ll be transferred there during June so I can see Jamie and Rorey. How cool would that be?!

No idea as far as transfers. Hermana Osorio will probably be transferred out. She’s been here 3 transfers and I’ve been here for 2. And as for exchange sister, it changes every transfer. Sometimes it doesn’t but usually it does.

The weather has been great! Hot and sunny during the day and then cool at night. In the forest it was chilly. I was grateful Sister Guthery leant me her coat. I loved being outdoors! It reminded me of family trips to go hiking and bird watching and camping. So fun!

I’m going to get off early today. We still have shopping to do and games to play with the elders.

I’m so glad Nancy’s package made it safely! I was worried. The sweater was actually Hermana Anderson’s. She gave it to me and I thought Nancy would like it. I hope she does. I also am so glad she liked the starfish. I thought she might.

I did get your letter on your new paper. I love it! Thank you so much for the scriptures and the thought about putting my shiny on. I’ve been thinking about it. I’m excited for the general conference issue to come out. I’m going to get a copy for myself when I get the chance.

That’s so great that Dad will be working from home. I’m so excited for him!
I hope you have another great week.
I love you! You’re all amazing!
Forever Love,
Hermana Stephenson

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