Monday, May 7, 2012

I’ve realized that I can actually speak and understand Spanish.

About Mother's Day... I’ll probably call about 2:00 here, so about 5 your time.

Our week was really good. We didn't teach very much but we had good lessons. Two investigators came to church. One young woman is doing really well. We were worried about her for a while but last night we had a lesson and it went really well. It was at our Branch President's house. It was really good! She wants to be baptized, but needs to talk with her parents. I’m so happy to see her progression. I love her and want so much for her to be baptized so she can have the guidance of the Holy Ghost with her.

Oh! About transfers! We’re staying the same. I’ll be with Hermana Osorio for another transfer here in Novato. I’m excited. It’ll be interesting to be with a companion for three transfers, and to be in an area for that long too.

So I went on exchanges in Napa with Hermana Robinson. We had such a good time! It was just for the afternoon but it was really good! We both realize we need to just have more joy and be happy. Not that we aren't happy but to just have more. We also talked about how different it is having a native companion. No one ever looks at you. They always talk to the native, unless they know you and have a good relationship with you. You have to fight to say something or you just get left in the dust. It’s been a challenge for me but I’m getting better. You know me. I’ll just listen and not say anything. So speaking up and teaching has made me grow a lot. I’ve realized that I can actually speak and understand Spanish. Not that I’m perfect at it or understand all the time. But I know the gist.

So every month the branch has a FHE. This past one was really well attended. We had so much fun! We played a couple games like stick pull and another game that I have no idea what it's called. But it has to do with fruit. Maybe I’ll teach you when I come home, if I remember.

We had our last district meeting and at the end Elder Zufelt had us all bear our testimonies. It was very powerful and great to hear the testimonies of the elders in our district. I’m grateful for each one of them and their service. We have some really good elders.

I love you! Talk with you soon!!!!
Forever Love,
Hermana Stephenson

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