Thursday, May 24, 2012

I loved hearing all your voices! [phone call on Mother's Day]

This past week we made it a goal to talk with everyone and we saw miracles. People who I thought might not be very interested were prepared by the Lord to hear and receive the gospel, one being Miguel. We contacted him, as we were going to tract. We just started talking with him and specifically about the Restoration. He told us he felt our meeting was God reaching out to him. He said he needs some direction in life and feels that the Book of Mormon is true. We invited him to be baptized for June 10th right there on the street. He accepted. We’re pretty excited! And others that we contacted we've begun teaching and others we sent as referrals to the elders. It’s amazing to see miracles every day and be so close to the gathering of Israel. I love being a missionary!!!!

We found this mat the other day while tracting. I thought it was pretty funny.

All the other elders just got here so now we're sharing stories from calling our families. They’re all so funny and excited to share stories.

This morning we helped Hermana Alma clean her car while our laundry was in the wash. I have no great plans for today. Just getting to know the new elders. It’s been fun so far.

This picture is from the Mother's Day activity. Katiuska is at the bottom smiling.

I loved hearing all your voices! I can tell how much you've all grown just by what you talked about and how you said things. I cannot believe how much has changed! And to think in 6 months so much more will change. I’m excited to see it all. But just like Grant said in our family prayer I know that I am where the Lord needs me. I miss you all so much but I am happy, filled with joy, because I know I am being obedient to the Lord's call to serve.

I love you so much! Just like you said, I kind of ran out of things to say in the phone call but I felt like I could have talked all day. I’m grateful you're my family.
Hermana Stephenson

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