Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I will boast in my God forever and I will rejoice in Him. [From 16 APR 12]

The sun is shining and it's gorgeous!!

Boston marathon?!!! Again so soon?

I’m so happy to hear your conference went well. I prayed for you through out the day on Saturday.

Last night our branch had a fireside entitled 'Why I Believe". There were two speakers; converts and they shared their conversion stories and why they believe. Mostly it was members who came but there were two non-members. One of our investigators and the other was the elders'. The Spirit was so strong.
We now have two baptismal dates, Michelle and Javier. Michelle is set for the 29th and Javier the 12th. We might have to change his due to a father / son campout and Mother's Day activity in the evening. We’ll see. He still has to come to church.

I had an exchange in Napa with Hermana Ordonez. I half expected Rorey to pop around some corner and scare me. Didn’t happen but we did have a great day! She’s amazing. I love the way she teaches. She uses visuals. It really helps them learn and then apply what we teach. She also has a paper with all her goals on it. I really liked the idea so I made one too. It has two sections; things to memorize and things to read with two columns for each; one in English and one in Spanish. Just making the chart got me excited. I hadn't done anything creative in a while and I loved it. It reminded me of how much I love doing crafts and being creative. We don’t' have much time to be very creative but I’m going to try and do it more.

So the elders in the branch, Elder Zufelt and Elder Noris, are pretty fun. Elder Noris has lived all over the world. So he has some good stories and adventures to tell. Elder Zufelt is just funny. Last night they gave me a blessing. I have thought to get one for a couple weeks and finally I acted upon that and asked. I’m grateful for the priesthood. I feel so much better! My energy is back and I’m more excited to go out and work. Basically the blessing helped me feel Heavenly Father's love and that he is pleased with me, that he's there helping and guiding me. I love the priesthood!

So this morning I was writing a quick note to a little girl in the branch and I wanted to put a scripture. So I was thinking about it and at this time my heart just feels exactly what Alma says in chapter 26:8, 12, & 16. I will boast in my God forever and I will rejoice in Him. I’m just full of joy and happiness! My joy truly is full! I just want to sing and laugh all day.

I’ve run out of thoughts for today. Just know I’m happy and doing well. I loved getting Grant's note. Thanks for your support and love.
Forever Love,
Hermana Stephenson

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