Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I want to sing praises to my God and my Savior forever. [From 2 APR 12]

I loved Conference! I'm sad it's already over. It seemed to fly by. I took lots of notes. And then this morning I started going over them and writing down my thoughts and goals and impressions. I've only made it half way through my notes. It was so good! I felt the spirit so strongly, especially at the beginning. I didn’t realize Andrea went to conference. That’s pretty cool!

Our teaching pool right now is actually pretty good. We don't have a lot of people but the ones we have are pretty solid. Which means they're either progressing or have true desires to learn. Actually most of those we teach consist of less-actives. We’re helping a few families return and strengthen their testimonies. I have a great love for them. It’s hard to return. It can be a very bumpy road.

We teach around 15, sometimes 20 lessons a week. I don’t know what the elders at home do, but the mission standard is to teach at least 3 lessons daily. We have one baptismal date, but we have to move it because he's not prepared. But we have invited a few others to be baptized and they are praying and thinking about it.

Is Easter really this weekend? I knew it was this month but thought it was later. Hmm. Oh well. What are your plans for Easter? I have no idea what ours are.

We saw some miracles this week. On Thursday we met a number of people prepared by Heavenly Father to hear the gospel message. We also were able to do some service. One of our investigators moved so we helped her clean the apartment she left. We cleaned the walls. It was fun, especially in a skirt. It was kind of a last minute thing after conference on Saturday. At first she wasn't going to let us help because we were "too clean" but we put on gloves and dove in.

I think I may photo copy my notes from conference and my thoughts afterward and send them to you. It would be easier than trying to type them all out here. But I will share one thing. Maybe two. I know you'll be talking about conference for FHE tonight and I want to share what I learned during conference.

I learned, well it was reaffirmed to me in a very powerful way, that families are the most important thing and worthy of our very best efforts. We must remember what we are working for. We must have a vision. We must prioritize. That whatever effort or strength we exert is worth it, as far as families and eternal life are concerned. I love the quote by President Kimball that says, "No success will compensate for failure in the home." I learned so much more but that will have to do for now. From what I learned my goal is to take every opportunity to strengthen and fortify my testimony and build my foundation so that I can be a better servant of the Lord. That I may live a life of service and my life may be filled with love.

As I think back upon what I heard, what I felt, and what the Spirit taught me during conference, I feel my heart swell with gratitude and joy. I want to sing praises to my God and my Savior forever. I am filled with gratitude and love for my Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ. I love them! And I am filled with love and gratitude for you, my family. I have been blessed so much. My heart is full of joy!

Well time's up. Hope you have a great week!
Love you Forever!
Hermana Stephenson

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