Friday, January 27, 2012

It’s an amazing work and it is glorious!!!

Okay, so Hermana Clayton and I realized that the 18th was our "mission birthday" so we added up how many months we'd been out. We had to do the math multiple times before we got it into our heads that we hit our 8-month mark. So when you wrote that we're 3 weeks away from our halfway mark we about died. Hermana Clayton’s words are, "I'm having a mid-life crisis."

We email here at the church in the family history center and so do the elders. So we end up distracting each other and telling funny stories and basically reading our emails from family to each other.

I'm excited the kids are using planners. I’m sure the elders can help you know how to use them. :) We live off our planners.

I’m excited to receive a package. We haven't had mail for the past week or two. You should also be receiving a package. I sent it last week but they said it would take a week to get there because I didn’t' use a priority mailbox. Oh well. It’s what I had.

This week has been so good. We’ve had so many great experiences. We’ve found some people who are so prepared by the lord to receive the gospel message. We found a couple, rather, they found us. They called us wanting English classes, we ended up teaching them about the plan of salvation and the family proclamation. They aren't married yet. But they want to start their family off right. They want to learn English so they can help their future children and they want to do what's right. We are so excited to teach them and help them prepare for baptism. We talked with them about temples. The man has been to Temple Square. He was in Salt Lake for 15 days and he said that every day he went to Temple Square. How cool!!! So as we told them about temples and eternal families they expressed their desires to have an eternal family. And without us saying anything they expressed and understood that they need to do things to prepare and it is by small steps and small things first. They understood that it 's kind of like a ladder. They first need to be baptized and continue on the path before they are worthy and ready to enter the temple. It was so cool!

There are so many stories from this week. :) Its’ been amazing as I’ve felt the Spirit guide me and help these children of the Lord that we're teaching, and with everyone we come in contact with. I love learning more about the gospel and more about myself each day. We are helping so many of our members prepare to enter the temple. I’m amazed at how many of them have not been through yet. They are all excited and I’m grateful to be here to help them prepare for that and enter into those covenants with the Lord.

It’s an amazing work and it is glorious!!! I love it!

I love you!!! I hope you have a great week and get more snow. We are happy the sun is shining today. It’s been raining since Thursday. But it's been good. We haven't had rain in months. I’m grateful for my boots. Or in Spanish, "mi botas" :)
Hermana Stephenson
until next time

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