Monday, December 5, 2011

they could feel the Spirit [From 21 NOV 11]

Hna Anderson got transferred, to Windsor! Where I came from! I’ve been telling her about the branch and the people she'll meet and grow to love. We said our tearful goodbyes not an hour ago. She’s become one of my best friends and will be forever.

The Monson’s are out of town this week. They’re in Guatemala, the Bishop's mission. So we have the house to our selves, which reminds me... my new companion is Hermana Robinson. She came out with me. I’m excited to work with her. I’m actually not with her right now because another sister in the zone got transferred so Hna Anderson and she drove to Santa Rosa together and I’m with the other sister. So it's kind of an exchange thing for a few hours. Basically the whole zone except one companionship got changed. It’s going to be fun!

I can't remember too much from the past week. The past transfer seems to have flown by. I keep thinking it's still September. Not that Thanksgiving is this week. So crazy!

Carlos got baptized Wednesday night! It was amazing! His wife who has not been very friendly to us in the past and was against him getting baptized was very friendly and crying. She told us, “thank you”. Everyone there could feel the Spirit. Both Carlos and his wife were crying. The 5th ward elders knowing we wouldn't have very many people show up, if any at all, called their members and asked them to attend even though they don't know Spanish. We were so surprised and touched beyond words that they would do that for us! A number of people showed up and supported us. They all said that even though they didn’t know the words that were said, they could feel the Spirit and were touched. Carlos was so grateful and happy. It was a wonderful experience!

Well the time has flown.
Thank you for the little notes. I love them the best. I treasure every little note.
Hermana Whitney

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