Saturday, December 17, 2011

We did have a little miracle this week.

My week started off being sick but I got over it quickly. My stomach was doing some weird things, nausea and stomachaches. The whole thing. I'm better now. Overall I’m healthy. In the blessing I got it said the Lord wants me to be aware of my body and not push to hard, to know my limits and not be afraid to take a rest if I need it. It also told me that I know what I need to do and should do it, along with following the Lord's rule of health. It was a comforting blessing.

We definitely have way too many treats from everyone! Although our favorite thing right now is homemade pomegranate jelly from the Berkheimers. It’s so good! And the Lord will take care of me. There are many nights when I don’t think I could take another bite but somehow I make it and can walk away not in agony. :) Dinners on the mission are one of a kind. There’s nothing else like it! We have so much fun!

This week was amazing! We’ve had more lessons this week than the past two combined. We didn't have any baptisms ourselves but the zone did have two on Saturday. Hermana Robinson and I have started a new thing to help us speak more Spanish. The rule is only Spanish in the car and as much as we can as we walk to and from appointments. Already it's been fun and we've had some laughs!

We did have a little miracle this week. We stopped by one of our investigators at an unscheduled time and were so grateful we did. She had just lost her job and was very distraught. She’s a single mom with two children. We comforted her the best we could and read the story of Joseph Smith in liberty jail. She was comforted and felt better. She was so grateful for our love and service. We were just grateful to be instruments in the Lord's hands.

I am so excited for mission conference!!!! Elder Brower and I will be singing. No one else in the zone wanted to sing so it’s just us. We’re singing Beautiful Savior. Not a traditional Christmas song but it will be good. The entire mission is excited about mission conference! Everyone has been practically counting down the days. I just can't believe Christmas is two weeks away!!! Hermana Robinson and I took our Christmas picture this morning just before emailing. It’s in front of the Monson's door. We’re excited to send it out.

Right now we have two baptismal dates. One is a referral from the elders in the fourth ward and the other is a former investigator that found us walking down the sidewalk. He’s excited and really wants to be clean. Right now we have 12 investigators. Which is really good. It keeps us busy.

Oh! Also, Slacks is going to the Teranzia Mission, something like that. His brother just came home from Taiwan speaking Mandarin Chinese. He gave his homecoming talk yesterday. It was cool to hear him speak in Mandarin. According to Aaron he's having a hard time remembering English. He’ll be going to BYU-I in January.

WE LOVE THE ADVENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's getting pretty big! Every day I’m excited to see what it comes out to be. As far as Christmas, I was thinking a pocket dictionary; Spanish-English of course. It would come in handy while out of the house. Also warm tights. Its getting cold and bare legs are no fun. Yesterday morning there was frost on the windshield. Thankfully the defroster works really well.

I just thought of this and I can't believe that I have less than a year left!!! This time next year I’ll be home! Crazy!!!

Well we're off to play games with the zone. It’s going to be loads of fun! We’re a pretty close zone. I hope you have a great week! I love you! And I will defiantly take pictures at mission conference!!
Forever Love,
Hermana Whitney

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