Monday, December 5, 2011

called by a prophet of God to teach

I’m doing great! It's been a crazy week! I wasn't in my area Wednesday to Friday. It's been so fun. Wednesday was exchanges with Sister Lewis to Cordelia. Thursday I was in Windsor with Hermana Ordonez and Sister Thomas while Hermana Robinson was at leadership conference. And then Friday we had Sisters' conference. But we've had some great lessons and some new investigators. Also the weather has been nice. One day it was 70. :) Mostly it's in the 50 or 60's with wind. No rain so far.

I can't tell you how excited I am for Mission Conference! I might be singing. I still need to see if Elder Bacon will play for me. Any suggestions as far as songs? I was thinking Stars Were Gleaming (children's songbook).

I love the advent puzzle!!!! I like the elder’s signatures and the Grinch and the bunnies! I’m so excited to see what it all looks like! You worked hard on it! I’m so impressed and pleased. Hermana Robinson and I have been loving it! The gingerbread house does have some cracks but it'll be okay.

We had an amazing lesson Friday night. We had a young man who is preparing to serve his mission in Brazil in February come with us. His name is Aaron but we call him Elder Slacks. I may have told you about him, but the story is he was wearing some nice pants one day and all the elders commented on them. So from then on he was known as Elder Slacks. He comes to all our district meetings and even some of our zone meetings. He goes out with fifth ward elders all the time. He’s started coming out with us too. We’re nested with the fifth ward so their people are our people. Anyway, the lesson on Friday night was amazing! Slacks was with us. We went in planning to teach a recent convert/less active and ended up teaching his brother. He had so many questions and the three of us worked together and answered them. We felt so unified and the spirit was pretty strong. (The lesson was in English. They're fluent in both languages.) Towards the end Slacks bore his testimony about he Book of Mormon and how he came to know the church is true. When he finished the nonmember, Silverio, said, "I want that. I want to feel that way." We explained to him how he can have that. We also used Alma 32 about letting the small seed of desire work within you until you believe. He also said all his life he's been praying and wondering which church is right. Slacks pulled out the Joseph Smith story. Still Silverio wasn't sure. I was praying the whole time that we would be able to help him and know what it is he needed to know and feel to act and read the Book of Mormon. Then the Spirit came over me and I looked him in the eye and said something to this effect, "I can promise you, Silverio, that us sitting here is your answer. We have been called by a prophet of God to teach you about the true church of God. We are here to help you come unto Christ and have your questions and concerns answered. The Book of Mormon contains the answers to all the questions you have." It was so powerful! Usually he would interrupt us with a comment or question but as I said that and a little more he was completely silent and still and never broke eye contact. The three of us, Hermaan Robinson, Elder Slacks, and myself were ecstatic afterward! We’re still so excited about it. It’s a testament to me that we are guided by the Holy Ghost and that I have been called by a prophet of God and the message I share is true. What else, besides the power of God could change a man?

Okay so about Hermana Ordonez. She speaks English really well. She’s still learning but she knows it. She’s really fun and crazy! We had such a great day. She’s a really good teacher. I tried to get out of her what she'd miss about Christmas at home. She says she loves the music and just the lights. She likes Skittles. At least she had a small bag that she shared on Thursday. She’s very friendly and outgoing. I really enjoyed spending the day with her. I don't really know what you could do for her but I’m sure anything will be nice. I did notice she was cold, so maybe a warm, classy, but fun scarf or gloves. She’s about the size of Olivia.

So Tuesday night Vacaville had Merriment on Main. It was so fun! I stood in the cold and served hot chocolate for five hours straight. My hands were freezing and cramped afterward. But it was so fun!!! We talked with so many people, we as a zone. We actually got some lesson appointments out of it. So cool! I didn't get any pictures but there wasn't much to see anyway, just a table with a cooler of hot chocolate and cards and some pamphlets with 14 missionaries milling around.

Thank you so much for all you do. I know you're busy and have much to do and yet you take time to send me things. I can't tell you how much your packages and letters mean to me. Just looking at the empty box makes me smile. Remembering what you sent me and knowing how much time, effort and love went into it. This transfer is flying by but it's wonderful! There are so many adventures each day that it's hard to write them all down. I look forward to telling you all about my adventures! No. I’m not trunky or homesick I’m just looking forward to the future with faith and joy. This life is a great life! I love the progression and learning that I am making and will make. Just remember to find joy in the journey and love every minute and yourself.
That’s something President told us at Sisters Conference; to love ourselves, to not try and be someone else, someone you're not. So off I go to be Hermana Whitney Stephenson! And I’m so happy! It’s a wonderful life!

con amor para siempre,
Hermana Whitney
over and out

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