Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We went golfing! [From 24 SEP 2012]

This is what we did this morning. :)

Can you see it?! Yup! We went golfing! We went to the driving range in Trilogy; an older, gated community with two brothers from the branch. It was really fun! Sister Liston, as you can see, is pretty good. She played in high school. All three of them were giving me pointers. I thought Nana French would enjoy the fact that I went golfing. My first time! Yeah!

I didn’t' get any hole-in-ones because we just shot at the range. About half the time I missed the ball. The other half was off and on, as far as distance and angle. :) You all know me and my famous hand-eye coordination abilities.

I didn’t yell anything [“fooouurr”]  because there were only geese about 150 yards out and I never even made it to 100. So they weren't ever in any danger of losing a wing. :)

We had a great week! We had a conference with half the mission and Elder Gavarret. It was really good. I learned from the spirit that I need to improve my prayers. Every once in a while I get kind of lazy about them and forget what great power comes from them. So I’ve been improving my prayers this past week.

I’ve also begun learning more about the person I want to continue becoming. As a missionary you see the members in a different light. You get to really see the difference ways of living the gospel and true discipleship. So from the many examples I’ve seen I am forming the kind of person I want to be. Sister Liston gave me a talk entitled, "the fourth missionary." I can't remember whom it's by at the moment. But it's really good! Everyone should read it. It’s actually 25 pages long. So I’m not even half way through. But it's great! I’m learning lots.

We’ve had such a great week! We are surprised at how quickly we have become great friends. We are both pretty different. Our lives are different. But I love how the gospel and our mission bring us together. We will be friends for the rest of our lives. I don't know if you remember but she's the one that has less-active friends in Bedford. She’s been to NH before! She’s the only one of my companions who knows about Fisher Cats. :)

We laugh a lot. Our stomachs are getting smaller just because we're laughing so much.:)

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
Hermana Stephenson

The picture is from your Whitney Bunny :)

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