Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We are amazed at the blessings of the Lord and seeing his hand in His great work! [From 27 AUG 2012]

It's been an AWESOME week!!! So excited to tell you all about it.

What a week! I probably won't have enough time to tell you everything so I'll try and be quick and give you the highlights.

After district meeting we met a less-active to have lunch and teach him. On our way to the car we met a man named Green. He has had such a rough life and made some wrong decisions. As we testified and taught about the power of the Book of Mormon and the Atonement of Jesus Christ tears fell down his cheeks and we saw his true desire to be clean and draw closer to the Lord. We forgot we were in the blazing sun in the middle of a parking lot. So cool! The Spirit was pretty powerful.

Wednesday we had dinner with a less-active. Her husband isn't a member so we were able to talk with him and he expressed interest in learning and meeting with us. After so many years apparently it's quite the change.

Also, this sister, Robin, had invited her friend, Heather, and her two-year-old son to join us for dinner. So our less-active is already doing missionary work and trying to help others! But it doesn't stop there. The branch had an ice cream social Saturday night and Robin invited Heather to come. Which she did and then as they left Heather asked, "So church starts at ten tomorrow?" We answered yes and she responded, "Ok. See you tomorrow!" She came for all three hours and loved it! She had some questions, which we cleared up when we saw her later that day. It was the easiest lesson we have ever taught. She just wanted to know who the Holy Ghost was and what was repentance and what she needed to do be baptized. It was incredible! As we talked about baptism we asked her what she thought about it. Her answer was, "Well, I just feel like getting this show on the road!" We explained that she could be ready as soon as she wanted. We extended the date for September 30th but explained if she felt she was prepared earlier, or even later, then we could move it. We told her she could be baptized on the ninth if she wanted, Her response was, "Well, because I'm just starting I want to be respectful and I don't want people to think I'm joining just to join a church but because I understand everything and it means something to me." We taught her about prayer and the Book of Mormon. She expressed a desire to begin reading it that night and never miss a day. We told her how it answers all the questions she was asking and then some and that a power and love and peace would come into her life that she had not experienced before. She also asked how she would know it was the Holy Ghost and how she would receive her answer. It was just amazing!

Another less-active is also doing missionary work. She brought with her a friend and then we were able to begin teaching her that night. She has a lot to overcome but she is searching. When we gave her the Book of Mormon she held it close to her chest as if it were very precious and dear to her. Something she had treasured for a long time.

Also, we went to check up on and try to begin to teach a couple really solid potentials. The first, before he even said hello he told us, "I'm meeting with my co-worker on Tuesday to talk with him about the church." We kind of blinked in surprise and said, "Oh good!" He was really busy so we set up another time to come by. The following potential opened the door and saw the Book of Mormon in Sister Thomas' hands, outstretched his hand and asked, "Is that for me?" Imagine our surprise once again before we could even ask how he was doing he followed-up with us. He too was busy but told us to keep trying. That one-day we'll meet up. His final words were, "Persistence pays off so keep trying."

Another miracle is with a less-active family that we try and see each day. We haven’t' really gotten to know the son to help him receive the priesthood. This past week when we go by he actually will say hi and talk with us for a few minutes. Their father is almost ready to go to the temple. The greatest miracle this week was yesterday during sacrament meeting. Max, the son, actually came to church! And the two daughters were there for the sacrament. But the best part is their dad blessed the sacrament for the first time in a long time. As I heard his voice pronounce the blessing of the bread my eyes filled with tears and my heart swelled with joy. It was amazing!

Oh! About exchanges with the sisters in St, Helena, Sisters Punaa and Riddle. It was really good! I was with Sister Punaa here in Rio Vista. We saw some miracles of the Lord putting people in our path at the right time. We found a man who had just moved in and he and his wife are looking for a church. We haven't been able to contact them again but we're still trying.

Sister Thomas and I had a really neat experience with the Atonement working in our own lives this week. We had some things that were holding us both back and in a sense worrying us. We didn't realize we even had a burden until we did a quick activity Sister Thomas thought of. We decided to write down all our questions, concerns and everything that was holding us back. All our worries. We put that paper in an envelope and sealed it with a note to not open it until a few months after our missions are completed. The peace and joy that filled every fiber of our beings was incredible! My testimony of the Atonement increased immensely! I love it!

Just one more thing. I love my life! The gospel is amazing! The Lord loves us and He is very much aware of each of us. Sister Thomas and I marvel every single day and every moment of every day at the many miracles we see and at our many, many blessings. Our joy is SO full! We are amazed at the blessings of the Lord and seeing his hand in His great work!
This week was amazing!
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I might need another SD card :)
Forever love,
Hermana Stephenson

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