Wednesday, October 3, 2012

a zone blitz here in Rio Vista [From 17 SEP 2012]

Such a great week! We had a zone blitz here in Rio Vista last Saturday and got 12 referrals. We’ve contacted half of them. They are amazing! One was a lady we see walking in the mornings. We had prayed to find her during the day so we could talk with her in something more than our sweats. When we knocked on her door and her face came around the corner I was so excited! I was beaming and so filled with gratitude. I wanted to tell her but I thought that might freak her out. So we'll tell her when she gets baptized. Not sure when that will be. We didn't even really teach her at that time. She was busy but she'll be baptized.

We have so many really solid people. Not many have come to church yet. The adversary likes to use that a lot to stop people’s progression.
Sister Liston is amazing! She wants to learn Spanish so badly. We’ve been working on it like mad. She’s able to read and pray. Up until being my companion she couldn’t roll her R's. Now she can do it. :) She really wants to become a Spanish missionary. I think she can do it. She’s tested my knowledge of Spanish. I realized not being immersed in the language I don’t learn as well the “every day” language. So together we're learning and having lots of fun doing so. For example we were looking up a word and happen to look over to the next column and saw the word litterbug. We thought it was funny it was in the dictionary but our laughs got even harder when we saw the translation. Litterbug - una persona que ensucia las calles tirando papeles rotos.   All that for litterbug. Literally it means "a person that dirties the streets spreading broken papers" we still laugh about it!

We’ve had such a great time! We’re almost always laughing and loving the miracles we see around every corner.

A blitz is when the missionaries in the Zone come for a couple hours and go see less-actives or potentials but mostly they go tract. So each companionship came back with someone they had seen that we needed to go see. Each companionship had a miracle. We were very grateful that they all came out here. It’s a 48 mile round trip from Fairfield to Rio Vista, so time and miles out of their areas. But we all enjoyed it. Everyone was excited to see Rio Vista. There’s not much to see but it is pretty cool! Especially driving the levees. Our area consists of many little man-made islands. You can't tell you’re on an island but when you look at the map you see it.

One day we went to see a woman; she was busy so we went on our way to see another a few streets down. We were going to drive but decided to walk. We passed two houses and the third had the garage open and a man was sitting at a desk finishing up a drawing. We walked up and began talking with him. He’s a retired police officer and a gentle man. He’s going through some hard times but he has had some neat spiritual experiences. We talked with him for a while. As we talked with him Sister Liston just kept having this impression to lean forward into the garage a little more and look at the bookshelf. She had no idea what she was looking for but she kept looking. At one point her eyes got big and bright and she turned to me. I wasn't sure what she had seen but I asked her as soon as we walked away a little while later. In return she asked me, "Did you see that?" "What?" "The Book of Mormon on his shelf?" "No." How cool is that?! The Spirit prompted her to lean forward and look. I’m so grateful she heeded that prompting and kept looking. She didn’t understand why she was receiving that prompting. If you think about it it’s kind of strange. To lean forward and look at the bookshelf. That was it.

From that I learned a little more about how the Spirit works. We may not understand the reason for why we feel prompted to do something. It may seem ridiculous and weird. But as we listen to and follow those whisperings we will find great treasures. We knew before that the man we talked with would be baptized, but seeing the Book of Mormon on his shelf solidified that fact. The Lord has been working with this man for years. I love his work! And his plan.

Hermana Stephenson

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