Wednesday, October 3, 2012

bore her testimony [From 3 SEP 2012]

So this week was another great one! We had miracles! Heather, whom we just started teaching last week and has a baptismal date for the end of the month, bore her testimony yesterday! It was so powerful! She said she has decided to stop fighting Jesus and let Him into her life. She expressed how much happier and at peace she is. Her little boy is very cute! The other day when we got up to leave after our lesson he started crying. He saw us grab our bags and started crying. Heather had opened the door but he pushed it shut and continued crying. It was the sweetest thing ever! We love them!

This past week we had a sister’s conference/training. It was very good! Sister Alba talked about stepping into the light and "taking our place on the stage of life." It was so fun being together as sisters. Sister Thomas and I were asked to give a workshop about nutrition. We had so much fun!!! The two of us just love it! Sister Thomas has a degree in exercise and sports science with a minor in nutrition. Soooo we get along really well. :) We had so much fun preparing for our workshop. We brought basically all our food to show the sister what they could eat. We learned so much!  I know the Word of Wisdom is not just for our physical health it is for our spiritual health. When our bodies are clean and don’t have bad substances in them or junk food or too much of one thing we have the Spirit more abundantly. We have noticed within ourselves that we are even more sensitive to the Spirit. We are better able to receive, recognize and follow the promptings of the Spirit. We are happier, less stressed, and little things don't bug us as much. We are more able to see the miracles in each day. It is amazing! I love the gospel!!!!

We have so many less-actives coming back to church and going to the temple!!! It is so exciting! Yesterday the chapel was pretty full. When I first got here there weren't very many coming each week. Now we have increase, a little. It is so cool!!! The Branch is growing! :) We have members returning and new ones coming in. I love seeing the work of the Lord progress. It makes me so happy!!!

Transfers are next week so who knows what will happen. Hoping we'll stay together. Crossing our fingers. :)

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hermana Stephenson

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