Friday, August 24, 2012

zone conference, the first with the Alba’s [From 23 JUL 2012]

We had zone conference, the first with the Alba’s. It was really good. They taught us about sacrifice and obedience.  We’ve had some neat experiences.

I finished the Book of Mormon again this morning. I love that book! I know it's true! Not only reading but also studying and applying what we learn bring power into our lives. It is from God and another testament of Jesus Christ and his divine mission. I have come closer to my Savior through reading this book. I know more about his atonement by reading this book. I know without doubt the message that I share, as a missionary of the Lord is true. I know he lives! My soul fills with joy at the thought.
Elder Noris says he won't be able to make Grant's Eagle Scout thing. He’s sorry and wishes he could go. I don't think I can go either. Elder Noris says he'll go to the next one. :) (I hope you're all laughing at that, because we are. :)

We didn’t have many lessons this week because we're thinning out our teaching pool. We’ve been instructed to "prayerfully thin out our teaching pool." So we'll be doing a lot of finding this week, which means knocking doors and trying to contact formers.

We found out transfer information Friday evening. I’ll probably go. I’ve been here 6 months and have only 2 transfers left. So I’m most likely gone. But this is President Alba's first transfer so who knows what he'll do.  President Alba reminds me of Brother Cote. I love it! He talks like him. It’s so comforting.

Have fun with the guests. Let everyone know I love them. Keep smiling and laughing!

I love you!!!!!
Hermana Stephenson

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