Friday, August 24, 2012

transferred to Rio Vista [From 30 JUL 2012]

I'm being transferred to Rio Vista. I'll most likely be in a zebra (with English companion teaching both English and Spanish) My companion is Sister Thomas. We went on exchanges once. Hermana Garo is going back to Windsor with Hermana Clayton. So we white-washed out. Very stressful but kind of fun organizing EVERYTHING and cleaning. This week we found five new investigators for Hermana Anderson and her new missionary that will be coming in. The branch was very surprised and gave us lots of love. I love this area and the people. We’re sad to break up the Spanish district. So many good memories!

Well I’ve been stressed since Friday night. Today is not so rushed. Well, right now because we have everything in the car and the apartment is cleaned and locked up. Now it’s just getting to Santa Rosa by 1:00. And then the new stress will come as I enter a new area. I’ll also be an exchange sister again, for three areas. I’m not exactly sure how it will all work out. We’ll see.

Last night we had a branch FHE. It was lots of fun! We played some silly games and just loved being together. Everyone really wanted me to promise I’d return to visit. I told them I’d do my best.

I took many pictures yesterday and Sunday. Not tons but lots. The members were amazing! On Sunday as I listened tears filled my eyes thinking it was possibly my last Sunday in a Spanish Sacrament meeting. So many members were there. The elders said we had 89!

Hermana Garo says you’re the best! For your example and having a daughter like me. And for sending us that amazing box filled with goodies.

People say I’m near the end but I still feel like I’m in the middle. I’ll do my best to keep that state of mind.

I have a box in the mail with some things. One is an early present for dad; it's juice from Brazil. It’s the fruit of cashew. You put some in the blender with some ice, water and sugar. There are directions. It’s really good! I loved it! My journal will come soon for you Mom.

In the box is The Continuous Atonement. The book you bought for me for Christmas. I marked it up. I wanted Andrea to read it. She’ll finish it in a few hours. But also wanted you all to read it and mark it. Highlight it; write notes, thoughts, whatever. I love that book! I read it twice! I love the analogy at the end about the marble.

This week as we were knocking doors we met a lady named Sarah. Even before we knocked her door she told us to come on in. Once we were inside she asked us who we were. (Have I told you this? Oh well, I love this lady so you'll hear it again.) We introduced ourselves and immediately asked us questions. We answered her and asked if she needed help. She looked at us very surprised. Her answer was "really?" We eagerly nodded and expressed how much we wanted to help her. She was kind of flustered and not sure what to say. She was surprised strangers would offer her help. After a little more talking we ended up rearranging her small apartment and cleaning a little. The whole time she kept expressing her gratitude and utter surprise. A few times she commented that she thought we'd been sent by God. Hermana Garo and I looked at each other and smiled knowingly. If she only knew how true that is! We explained to her that we, as representatives of Jesus Christ, we had indeed been sent by God. We are his hands here on earth and it is our privilege to serve her and others. We were there for a couple hours moving things around and cleaning. It reminded me of helping Sister Van Stone and Sister Royce and others. I felt so at home and happy. Funny how much I love cleaning and making things look pretty and presentable. After we were done helping her we sat down to talk about the gospel. She immediately wanted to read the Book of Mormon. She wanted to draw closer to Christ, and know more about him. We had another lesson with her a few days later and it was amazing! She will be baptized. We became immediate friends and there's lots of love.

We had some other really neat miracles throughout the week. But I’ll save that for another time. I love you! Have another good week. Hope you dry up a little. We've had sun all week, in the 80's and 90's. Beautiful!
Hermana Stephenson

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