Friday, August 24, 2012

we know it was an answer to prayer [From 13 AUG 2012]

Last week was crazy getting a ride to Fairfield to do grocery shopping. We got permission from president to shop after district meeting Tuesday. Yeah! It saves miles and time on Monday.

I love your email!! I love hearing how everyone is doing. I had no idea Isaac had even completed his mission papers! San Jose is my neighbor mission, or at least one of them. Actually Katiuska's sister lives in that mission. She speaks Spanish, but oh well. How cool! I’m glad I’ll get to see him before he leaves. Let Kierra know I love her.

The trek sounds so fun! I’m glad you all made it! And Sister Dalton!?! Amazing! I expect to hear the song from Grant one day.

My companion, Sister Thomas, is AMAZING!!!!! I love her so much! All our conversations have been gospel centered and how we can better help the people in the area and what we've learned. We have some pretty deep conversations. Sometimes we get a little carried away. For instance, last night we were talking on the car ride home so naturally we talked as we came into the house. Our conversation caused daily planning to get pushed back until late and then we had to rush to get to bed. But it was so good! We were trying to figure out how to help this one family. They’re less active. The dad is doing the temple classes. They come from a very rough background and past that keeps trying to come back. Saturday night we drove by their house and felt impressed to call them. We met them and the branch president at the chapel. The lesson we had was so good! The spirit guided us and President Chandler. The family had had a rough day and the father was so grateful we called. This family is just amazing and so close to our hearts. We try to see them every day so they can just have some good influence daily. If we don't see them we call, text, or message them. Just in the two weeks I’ve been here they've progressed. They still have a ways to go but they are on the path. They are such an example to me of perseverance and diligence. They are and will be GREAT examples of the power and love of the atonement of Jesus Christ. I LOVE JESUS CHRIST AND HIS ATONEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!

As far as my companion and me, we are doing fabulously! I just love Sister Thomas! Every day is a day of spiritual growth and fun and focused completely here and on our people. The more we recognize the miracles and the guidance of the spirit the more we see it. I have no doubt they were always there it's just my eyes and mind weren't trained to see them. Our eyes have been opened and they continue to be opened.

For example, a week and a half ago we met a lady in the library. She approached us, introduced herself and was gone. We kind of walked away stunned. Then we snapped to it, prayed we could find her, and turned around. We hurried back but couldn't find her. Yesterday we stood up after sacrament meeting to find a new sister sitting behind us. She smiled and said hello and introduced herself. Our eyes widened slightly as we realized she was the lady from the library. She explained she was a member and had made a terrible mistake and wanted to return. She told us of how she had felt recently the need to return to church. She has a coworker that goes to our branch and she had talked with her. So when she saw us in the library that day she felt something. She was so excited to be back at church! She couldn't stand still. We quickly got her information (in case she should disappear as quickly as she had the last time, :) and got her to talk with the branch president.

Any one else may have said that was a nice coincidence but we know it was an answer to prayer. We didn't find her right after we prayed, but she found us almost two weeks later. The Lord answers prayers. In his own time and place, but they are answered. And I am so grateful! I love the Lord!

I am so proud of Grant!!!! Every once in a while I look at the elders and think of him. I try and be the kind of sister missionary I want him to have, someone to look up to and be a friend. Someone who helps them grow and become better, more like the Savior.

I apologize for the shortened time. Being at the library really makes you rush. It automatically logs off at an hour. ahhh! Stressful! Oh well. That and I apparently had a lot to say to President Alba today. We had exchanges with Hermanas Robinson and Merkley. She’s new and it was fun to be back in Spanish again. Whenever we see a Spanish person I kind of go crazy. Last night I told Sister Thomas to pull over. I jumped out and almost ran down a Spanish guy. Kind of funny but it felt so good!
My time has almost run out but know I love you!!!!

Hermana Stephenson

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