Friday, August 24, 2012

the pink slip [From 16 JUL 2012]

I'm here! Hope you can find wifi! How fun!!! You’re in Palmyra! A young man from the branch is going out there this week or next. His name is Oscar. His papers are in and he's anxious to receive his call. All of your news is amazing! Aimee got baptized! And she's pregnant! Glad to hear Andrea’s doing better. I’ve been praying all week.

We have been teaching a part member family recently. The family consists of the parents who are members and three sons ranging from eleven to eighteen. The oldest is also a member. However the younger two are not. At first they were just listening because their mom wants them to know more about the church. But last night as we walked in Richard, the youngest, was excited to get his Book of Mormon and show us what he had read and highlighted. (He read 3 Nephi) We asked him what he learned and how it applied to him. As he told us about baptism and showed us he had highlighted the part where Jesus gives the authority to baptize and then teaches them to go and do so, his eyes filled with excitement and understanding. He excitedly told us about how he had also prayed. These are his words, "I prayed about Joseph Smith and I got an answer. When I was praying I heard the word 'prophet,' so I think that was telling me he's a prophet. So I guess it's true!" My heart overflowed with joy, gratitude, love, and peace. This young man read in the Book of Mormon, acted in his faith in our words that he would receive an answer to prayer. As we invited him to be baptized he was matter of fact about it. He said, "Well, baptism is like the gate. If we want to go back to God then we have to open that gate. So yes. I'll be baptized." Then acting upon the Spirit we invited him to be baptized the beginning of September. He accepted and then told us, "I'll have to ask my parents." We smiled and said, “Of course.”

Right now we're at the San Rafael chapel. It’s where we usually do email. The elders haven’t arrived yet. But they should show up soon. Then it will get crazy and I won’t be able to focus. :) It’s like having little brothers that aren't so little around. They make you laugh and roll your eyes at the same time. I’m certainly gaining an education about what guys do. We kind of missed out with only one brother, although our house would have been loco! :) They’re pretty fun. I’m glad I’m surrounded by such good examples of the priesthood and young men dedicated to the Lord. They inspire me.

Andrea, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about from your mission. They certainly impact your life, and then there are those that will be your friends forever. I’m so grateful to be here and getting to know so many people. Think of how many friendships I would have missed out on had I not come! How much I would have not learned, the first being I never would have learned how to make really good salsa or guacamole. Yum! :)

I’m so excited for Ryan and Aimee! The temple is exactly what I thought of when I read she'd been baptized. :) It’s the goal, well, celestial kingdom, eternal life, exaltation is the goal. But it’s only through the temple that we can obtain that. Only by the priesthood can we have our family for eternity. There is no other way, only by the power and authority of God. And I’m so grateful and happy to know we have it again on the earth!!! I love this gospel! And my savior brings me the greatest joy and peace. He lives!!!!!!!!!!!

I got this in the mail this week. Not sure if you're mission had these or not. We call it of course, "the pink slip." It's to ask us if the information for our parents and bishop and stake president is correct so when we go home we'll be released from the right area. Basically it means you're old in the mission and your departure is near.
Hermana Stephenson

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