Friday, June 29, 2012

I'm writing President Bunker today. It’s the last one

I'm writing President Bunker today. It’s the last one I’ll send to him. President Alba comes on Friday. We meet him Saturday. It will be good. Different. I'm looking forward to getting to know him and see what happens.

This week has been the best! We are so happy! I haven’t' laughed so much in a long time. It feels really good! Together we're working on many things. I’m so grateful to be with Hermana Garo! Basically all my journal entries have been expressing my gratitude to be with Hermana Garo. We’re sisters. We talk openly about everything. She is helping me do so and I’ve gotten a lot better just in this week.

We’ve had some adventures. :) One is; we were knocking a door and as we walked away she fell. We have no idea how it happened because she didn’t' trip over anything. I was in front of her and heard her make a sound and then the sound of crunching leaves. I turned around and didn’t see her. Then I looked down and saw her on the ground. You know me; I forced myself not to laugh. As I’m writing this I’m laughing. So I can't type well. :D After making sure she was okay and after she started laughing I did  let loose. I could barely walk I was laughing so hard! This was Wednesday. And we’re still rolling with laughter!

That was just the beginning! Other things happened each day that caused us to laugh. Well, just life makes one laugh if you look for what's funny.

I was reminded many times this week of the great desire of Heavenly Father that we are happy and filled with joy. Why should life be boring and not filled with smiles and laughter? We have but one!

We’ve had some neat miracles this week. First is a new investigator. During the lesson tears streamed down her face and she questioned with real sincerity if God knows her and understands what she feels. Joy filled my soul as we testified to her that He does know her. She is his beloved daughter. And that Christ knows all the difficulties of her life. Then the next day she called us just to tell us she'd read what we left in the Book of Mormon. And that by doing so she felt God was there and knew her, that he loves her. Her voice was filled with joy and peace. Where before had been sadness. And all because she read in the Book of Mormon and prayed. How good is the Lord?! His plan is perfect and He is amazing! Can one glory too much in the Lord? I think not. My heart this whole week has felt to sing great songs of joy and happiness and praise.

Oh! Our district consists of Elder Van Gilder, Elder Noris and us. So it's a Spanish District! We’re all very excited about it. Our meeting was in Spanglish. Mostly Spanish with some English thrown in. It was amazing! So fun!

So last night, we got a call at 10:28 from the mission office. Both of us freaked out! Hermana Garo answered. Come to find out it was just an elder calling to let Hermana Garo know she needs to report her numbers for Facebook. We were freaking out. Both of us thought something happened with our families. Nope just a call that could have waited until the morning.

Anyway, my life is great! And I love it!
Glad to hear you had a great week and some family time with everyone. Have another good week!
Love you forever!
Hermana Stephenson

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