Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I guess we just needed to let the Lord do the miracle

We had a good week. We taught a lot of lessons and a lot of our investigators and less-actives are progressing well. Actually, we were able to contact a less-active family we hadn't seen in a while. The mother was really happy to see us. She welcomed us right in. She was preparing dinner and invited us to eat with them. They have three sons. The oldest is almost my age and the youngest is Nancy’s age. The oldest is a member, the other two are not. The mom asked us if we could come by each week to teach them. Miracle!!! We had been trying to figure out how to help them return. We’d tried a few different things. I guess we just needed to let the Lord do the miracle. :) It was amazing! I’m really excited to teach them and see their progression and return.

Kaituska is all set for her baptism on Sunday. She might be going to San Jose with her sister, so now we’re just hoping she'll be in town for her confirmation the following week... keep praying for her. She really needs it. Actually she had a project for school; making a pie. She had no idea how to make it so we helped her after church. It was so fun! We took lots of pictures. It felt so good to have dough in my hands again!!!! I could have kneaded the dough for a while.

Last night we were a part of a fireside at the Fijian Branch. We sang Called to Serve. It was really neat because it was mostly in Fijian. But we still felt the Spirit. The church is true in any language! My testimony was strengthened as I listened to theirs. It was really neat!

We helped move a family this morning.

I forgot about Bike Week. Actually, I saw a few motorcycles yesterday and remembered counting bikes on our way to church.

Well. I love you all! I hope you have a great week! It’s the last week of the transfer. I’ll probably stay, but one never knows. :)
Forever Love,
Hermana Stephenson

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