Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I am here

We had transfers. I'm now with Hermana Garo in Novato! We are so happy to be together!!! It's going to be a great 6 weeks!

Hermana Garo is from the Dominican Republic. She was with Hermana Anderson in Santa Rosa and Hermana Clayton in Rohnert Park. And yes, I have had a few exchanges with her. She’s the one that I shared the carrot analogy with. She loved it! The last exchange we had was so good! We’re like sisters. It’s going to be a great transfer! We are so excited! We’ve already made some goals and plans. I’m so grateful to be with her. Both of us can hardly believe we're together.

Here are links to new articles about some missionaries in our mission. I know them. So cool! I love it!

Hope you like them. I still haven't read them all the way through.

This past week we had a few miracle lessons. One was with a less active we have been trying to see for 4 months. We saw her a couple times but she was always running out the door. And she lives with some investigators! So we finally found her at just the right time and had a quick lesson with her and got to know her a little. We have another lesson tonight.

Oh! Katiuska didn't get baptized. She decided she wasn’t ready. Half of her wants to but the other half has all these questions and she had some opposition. Lots of people told her she didn’t need to be baptized and they asked if she was really sure about it. She likes to question and think about everything. So she decided not right now. We were sad but we know that she'll be baptized one day, just not then. We’ve been praying hard for her and for inspiration ever since.

Besides transfers and a few miracles finding people ready to receive the gospel it was pretty much a normal week. I love being a missionary. Every day is an adventure and learning experience. Its’ the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but the most rewarding. A hard week becomes amazing in one moment when someone says they know the Book of Mormon is true. When they tell you they've prayed and felt Heavenly Father heard them. When they come to church and love it. When you see their hunger for more knowledge and their desire to know if it's true. I’ve learned so much. I just hope I can remember everything and apply it. If what we taught weren’t true I would have given up long ago. But because I know Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer and that He lives, I am here. Because I know he has called a prophet today and we have the authority of God once again on the earth, I am here. And because I know God is our loving Heavenly Father I want others to know and have a relationship with him, I get up every day and I talk with strangers. I am here. It’s wonderful!

I love you so much! Have a great week! Have fun in NY. Give everyone my love.
Forever Love,
Hermana Stephenson

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