Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I was filled with love for each and every one of them

What??!! I didn't even know the Patriots were in the Super Bowl! I even forgot it was Super Bowl Sunday yesterday until we knocked a door and the guy said he didn't have time because of the Super Bowl. WHAT? Funny how you lose track of time and events as a missionary.

A TREK? How cool! I’m glad they're doing one finally. It should be amazing. All the missionaries here say they're amazing. And hiking Mount Washington?! That’s going to be so totally wicked!!! I’m proud of you Lydia! Keep it up.

The Lord is good! So good! We began teaching a man Hermana Clayton met last transfer. Our first lesson with him was actually last week. Well, we invited him to come to a member's house for a lesson Saturday. We also invited him to bring his family but didn't think he actually would. If at all he might bring his wife. We were waiting at our member's house, hoping and praying he would come. When we saw him drive up we were very presently surprised to see that he brought his wife and four children with him. As they walked towards the house we could hardly contain our excitement! Our lesson began kind of rocky but our members helped us a lot. They're amazing! We were so grateful for their testimonies and enthusiasm for the gospel, for their own conversion stories. I don't think they realized how much it meant to us and how much they helped. We were in shock as we came away from the lesson. We'd just picked up a family! We are so excited to help this family come unto to Christ and progress towards baptism. They were unable to come to church because the mother works, but they will hopefully be going to family home evening tonight at a member's house. I love how quickly the Lord blesses us with love for his children. Even as they walked up the path to the house I was filled with love for each and every one of them and had a great desire for them to be baptized. To help them each gain their own testimonies of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and have a personal relationship with their Heavenly Father. I love being the Lord's missionary!

So we got kicked out of another apartment complex yesterday, although it wasn't quite as dramatic. The manager asked if we were soliciting. We introduced ourselves and he said he'd received some phone calls and asked us to leave. It was fine because we had just finished knocking all the doors. So now in just two weeks we've been kicked out of two apartments. :) Ah the life of a missionary.

So Bodega Bay was pretty cool. It was windy and cold but it was so much fun! We climbed some rocks and Elder Ram rescued an injured bird. We also saw a starfish. It was purple! I made some Cairns. Did you see my blogpost about it?

It’s been such a good week. I can’t believe how quickly time goes. Transfers are next week. Ahh! We really hope and think we'll stay together. Just one transfer with Hermana Clayton is not enough! Each day is great and we work so hard and see miracles every day! I can't believe half way is next week! I still feel like a new missionary. Well not quite. Like I’m just barely figuring it out. It’s such an adventure! And all the missionaries say time just gets faster and faster. No bueno. Oh well, I’ll just live for today and give my all today and not worry about tomorrow or what will happen in the coming months.

I love you forever and always!
Thank you for your continued love and support.
Hermana Stephenson

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