Monday, November 14, 2011

No one should be called that!

Next week I’ll be out six months!!! Time flies so quickly! Although I know it may not seem that way at home.

This week was amazing! We carved pumpkins as a zone Monday night. Tuesday we had zone conference. Wednesday was district meeting. Thursday was a day of teaching. Friday we taught some more. Saturday we went to the Sacramento temple. Amazing! And yesterday was a great Sunday with zone leader council in the evening.

Zone conference was great! He talked about real growth and what that means personally, for our area, and just in general. President told us we need to have a vision and work towards that. Doing something without a vision is drudgery. But with a vision it's a dream.

We had president interviews after conference. Mine was really quick and good. He just asked how I was doing and told me he doesn’t think the lord will let Hermana Anderson stay another transfer. (She’s been here her whole mission, since June.) So he told me to enjoy her while I have her. That was pretty much it. As we ended he said, "Thanks for being easy." He's such a loving president. He really does care about us and wants us to be happy as we serve our missions. It was a good meeting. I love President Bunker!

Transfers are the Monday before Thanksgiving. I think it's the 21st. It will be a sad day, but we're enjoying our time now. It’s an adventure every day with Hermana Anderson! She’s amazing and we have a lot in common.

This week we had a number of funny moments that made us laugh really hard. The other night we were talking about names that could be for both genders. (We had just returned from the temple and were talking about the German names we were pronouncing as if they were Spanish, which was funny in and of it self!) At any rate we were listing off names like Jamie, Jessie, Kim, Courtney, Whitney, etc. I suggested “Frances” and Hermana Anderson said, "Oh no, that's a no-gender name. No one should be called that!" I kind of chuckled and responded, "... that's my middle name." There was a moment of silence as we looked at each other before we both started laughing and holding our sides because we were laughing so hard. It was hilarious! She put it as her status and we've got some comments about it yesterday. We are still laughing about it. :)

… I'm so glad it made you all laugh. I had to contain my laughter here in the library as typed it.:)

Tell Nancy I loved her letters. They came in one day but it just made it better. I love the photo of her and of the three picking blueberries. That’s a pretty cool picture. I’ve been trying to take more pictures. I haven't been as good as I want to be but at least I’m remembering.

Yesterday, I was reading in Alma about all their wars and the destruction. But what stuck out to me is it said that there never had been a happier time among the people. It reminds me of today. There is so much to be unhappy about. There are wars, natural disasters, and evil all around. And yet we have every reason to be the happiest we have ever been. I am happy and my heart is full. I know Jesus Christ lives. I know that as I live his gospel I have the direction, peace, and joy I need in my life. There never has been a better time in the history of men where we have every reason to be happy. We have the fullness of the gospel. We have a living prophet that speaks to us. We have temples on the earth that seal families for eternity. We have the Bible and Book of Mormon and other modern day scripture in our homes. There is so much more to be joyful about. How can I not be happy? My Heavenly Father loves me. He knows my name. He knows who I am. My heart is joyful!!!

Thank you for your support and love. There have been times when I just look at your pictures and reread your letters just to remind myself my family is rooting for me and knows I can do what I have been called to do. I love you and am grateful that we are an eternal family. The celestial room in the temple was wonderful but I could feel the void of having my family around me to share in the abundance of the Spirit and love of the Lord. I suppose that 's what the premortal life was like. We were happy to be with Heavenly Father but we knew there was something more and we wanted to be together as families for forever. I felt close and far from you all at the same time as I sat in the celestial room of the Sacramento temple. It gave me a greater desire to return with honor and love you more.

With all my love and gratitude
forever your
hermana whitney bunny
over and out

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