Monday, October 3, 2011

We really enjoy serving.

Yesterday it was about 70 degrees and today it's raining. So I think the rainy season has started. Which means I’ll most likely be wet until the next General Conference. Or longer. Oh well, I have my raincoat and umbrella!

I watched the first session of conference in Spanish. I understood maybe half of what was said. But the others I watched in English. A cool fact though is that Elder Scott translated his own talk!!! How cool is that?! We listened to last conference in the car to get us prepared and excited for the weekend. I found I really enjoyed it. Sister Dalton’s talk was great!!!! Hers was one of my favorites. I also liked President Monson's when he said, “Hello”. So funny!!! We were all laughing pretty hard!

Well, this transfer ends on Monday. We get transfer calls Saturday. Hna C has been teasing me that I’ll train the new missionary coming in. We're getting a native Spanish sister and she thinks I'll be training her. I’m just not going to think about it.

I don't remember if I told you or not but Hna C is the Exchange Sister, so that’s why we go on so many exchanges. This week I was with Hermana Rupp in Rohnert Park Spanish. We had a good time and tracted an apartment complex that ended up having one Spanish person and the rest were English. Oh well. Who better than to tract the bilingual places than us?

On Thursday we got new mattresses!!!! Yay!! It of course is not my memory foam one from home but it's nicer than the one before. Elder and Sister Murray came by with them that afternoon. They asked if we liked hard or soft better. I told them I had a memory foam one at home. Elder Murray’s comment was, "well you're not at home." I laughed and explained that I don't know which one I prefer because I’m used to the memory foam. It was kind of funny.

We had conference at the Stake Center so almost all of the missionaries in the Zone were there. It was fun watching conference with all the missionaries. I’m glad we're all so close and see each other often. It helps us be more united and it lifts us up. We have some good times!

We helped a member of another ward move on Friday. At one point there were 14 missionaries there packing boxes, moving boxes, hauling furniture, moving a baby grand piano (don't worry. There are a couple piano players amongst us and they know how to handle a piano.) Our service project lasted from 10 to 4 and they were still going when we left. We had appointments to get to otherwise we probably would have stayed longer. Service is given just when needed. We usually will get a Zone wide message and do our best to help out. We really enjoy serving.

I love using calendars and stickers! We make calendars for our investigators, recent converts, less-actives to help them get in the habit of reading scriptures every day. It works most of the time!

I hope Dad feels better soon. And that you can go swimming once more!! How fun that you went in between sessions! I ate a meal provided by a sister in the Stake. She fed us both sat and sun. It was very nice and delicious! I enjoyed knowing that on the other side of the country you were all watching the same thing as me and doing the same thing. I imagined you all snuggled on the couches and chairs with snacks and the smells of dinner wafting from the kitchen. I hope we can continue to keep that tradition. Maybe conference weekend can be when we have family reunions!

I’m so jealous that you're watching football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw part of some game and had to hold in my desire to sit down and watch. AGH!!!! I miss watching football with you all! Weird I know coming from me, but I love football!

I don't do a ton of cooking but when I get the chance I sometimes go crazy. I love it. I’m a little afraid I might forget how to cook. I’m always asking if I can help.

I love you all!! I love hearing from you!
All my love forever and always!
Your Whitney Bunny / WB (thank you N for the abbreviation:)

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