Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Do I really get to go out and be a missionary?!

It's been another great week! Our little group is slowly growing. We've found a number of really good investigators this week. We have a baptism this Friday. Hopefully you'll get the SD card soon. I might wait until after the baptism to send it.

We were out trying to find our people but no one was home. It was getting dark and we both started feeling really weird and scared. Finally we just went home because we were both freaked out. Nothing happened but the streets were empty and it was Friday night. So who knows what may have happened but as soon as we were home we both felt better.

Hermana Anderson is the exchange sister so we go to the Zone Leadership meetings Sunday nights. I love it. It’s a chance to see how our zone and district leaders work and how much they love us and worry about us. It’s made me appreciate the work they do better. It’s also made me want to be a better missionary.

Yesterday in church we had a native speaker give a talk. Its’ the first one! Usually it’s just us and people from around the stake that speak Spanish. He was so nervous but he did so well! It was great to see one small miracle for our group growing. He’s an amazing guy. From what Hermana Anderson tells me he's made quite a change in his life since coming back in contact with the missionaries. Oh! Another thing about him! On Monday he was able to go with the elders to an appointment. (He speaks English fluently.) He’s still talking about it! We got to talk with him the next day and his eyes were still glistening. When we called him to see if he had time to go with the elders his response was, '"They would let me go with them?!" He continued by asking what he should wear and what they would want him to do. He told us how he has always dreamt of being a missionary but never got the chance to be. In his words, "I always wanted to be a missionary and yesterday I got to be one!" We made some reference to it being like Christmas and he said, "It's better than Christmas!"

It made us think how much we’re excited to be missionaries. Am I that excited each day to go out and teach people about the gospel? To help them come unto Christ? Do I react as him and say, "Do I really get to go out and be a missionary?! Will Heavenly Father allow me to be his servant?" We've changed since that day. We’re more energetic and excited to serve, to find, to teach, and to love these precious children of God. We’ve made so many goals and are becoming better missionaries. We’re overcoming fears and finding joy in the journey. We see miracles every day. I can't remember them all right now, but it's amazing! They’re there. Just open your eyes and see them!

So today we're celebrating Elder Spendlove's birthday by going to Fenton's, the ice cream place in the movie UP. How cool is that?! I am very excited! I’ll take pictures for you!

I forgot to write down everything that happened this week as it came so I’ll do better about it next week. I’ll probably think of something in 15 min. so you'll get another card!
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Mom & Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hermana Whitney

over and out

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