Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It really is as simple as praying.

So last night as we were knocking some doors we ran into a man walking his dogs. We stopped to talk with him and introduced ourselves. It was quickly apparent that he was very much settled in his religion and way of thinking. He kindly warned us to check our resources and see if we were being led astray. It was very interesting for me because as he brought up things that were obviously anti-Mormon things with the truth twisted. As he spoke, scriptures kept running through my mind about how men will trust in the arm of flesh and the doctrine of Christ will be twisted and precious things will be taken away, that things will be changed and made to appeal to the natural man. It was sad because I could only imagine what Heavenly Father thought, to know that his children are using their own judgment to discern the things of God. The man we talked with had truth. But it was distorted and changed. And all we could do was testify to him. I tried once or twice to teach him some principle but he always found a way to twist it and try to sow a seed of doubt. He claimed he was only trying to lovingly warn us. We just testified of what we knew to be true.

How is it that man can be blind to truth? How is it that they won't let themselves see? Many times he asked us, questioned us, if we knew we were just making ourselves believe it or did we actually study it out and find an answer. Men try to find physical proof of things that are spiritual. It really is as simple as praying. If we just pray we will know the truth of all things. I'm so grateful for prayer. I love praying! I love talking with my Heavenly Father every moment of every day. I love feeling His love and His peace. I love that I know who I am and that I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true. It is the kingdom of God on the earth in preparation for the second coming of Jesus Christ. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I love this gospel! I love being a missionary and testifying of my Savior every day!

I've had a couple other experiences where someone has tried to tell me what I believe is not true. If they only knew that every time they try and tell me I'm wrong it only strengthens my testimony. I love just testifying to them. They try and start up an argument or discussion but we just testify and they can't really go anywhere with that.

My birthday was amazing! One of our investigators accepted a baptismal date for March 25th. So excited! Andrea and her roommates sent me things for dump cake. I’m making it tomorrow for district meeting. We have three birthdays this transfer.
I LOVE THE WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve worn it every day since and I think I will from now on. It’s perfect! Thanks for the pictures too. The mailman saw us walking back to the apartment and gave us our mail. Funny how he recognizes us and knows we're missionaries. Just an interesting side note.

Thanks for everything in the box! I love the pajamas!! I’m excited to wear them.
My mind is kind of frenzied. We have to run out the door. I’ll write a letter tonight about all the exciting things that happened this week. It’s been an amazing week, something every day! Hope I remember to write it all down!

Love you forever!
Hermana Stephenson

P.S. Hermana Osorio laughs every day and I love her. She’s amazing! Transfers are so inspired! Love it! And I especially love her.

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