Friday, November 30, 2012

You're not trunky at all! [From 8 OCT 2012]

HI! It took me longer to email President Alba today. I did it in Spanish again. Apparently my Spanish is already getting rusty. :(

We had a good week. We saw the couple I told you about, again Saturday. It was a really good visit. They were very happy to see us. We taught them about prayer. They liked the thought that songs can be a prayer. So they had us sing. :) Sister Liston doesn't enjoy singing. So there was a lot of giggling and laughing. We began teaching them again. They talked about helping their two kids becoming better and good people.

We’re emailing at Heather’s today. The library is closed.

This week will be very eventful.
Tuesday: District Meeting and Sister Liston has a root canal
Wednesday: Spanish Conference
Thursday: temple
Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Rio Vista Bass Derby

Yup, a root canal :) she was shocked when she came out of the dentist the other day. I’ve been laughing and prepping to help her on that day.

My mind is filled with what I learned at conference. It was a really neat experience!!! So I went to conference with a couple questions and within the first hour they were answered. So I asked if there was anything more the Lord wanted me to learn/know. It was neat as the spirit worked in me and taught me. One question was what I should do when I return home. I gained a vision of what He wants for me. What He wants me to become. More of what He wants me to do. It was pretty neat! As the speakers spoke I had images of my life, as it could be if I continue to follow the Savior and serve others. I’m excited to apply what I learned and continue progressing.

Hey! Anything you all want from California?!!

I got a cool compliment this morning from a brother in the branch. He had no idea I was going home in two weeks. He turned to me and said, "You're not trunky at all! I’m impressed!" I’ve had a couple other people say something similar. President Chandler had no idea.

It seems weird that I will be coming home in two weeks. It seems unreal. I haven't really thought about it. Well, I have in terms of being far away with lots to do still. Which of course there is. That probably makes no sense at all. Oh well!

So my mind is pretty jumbled right now. There’s a lot running through it and I need to organize it all.

I love you forever!!!

Heather says hi. So does Sister Liston and a few other people from the branch.

Hermana Stephenson

Heather is doing so well. She loved conference. We warned her about anti stuff and she told us about she was beginning to read something and realized it wasn't good so she stopped. She’s amazing!
Love you!

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