Saturday, February 19, 2011

Letter from a Prophet of God

I've been called to serve in the California, Santa Rosa Mission. I'll be speaking Spanish. I report to the MTC  May 18, 2011. (Grandpa French's birthday!) I'm SO EXCITED! I'm grateful so many friends and family could come over and be on the phone to celebrate with me when I opened my letter. Thank you to all who offered congratulations, encouragement, and advice. Even though I wish I was leaving sooner I think the time will fly by with everything I need to do. I'm looking forward to serving and sharing my experiences with you.

Hoorah for Israel!!!

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  1. Dear Sister (soon to be) Stephenson,
    We got your letter! We are thrilled to have you on your way to us! We need you! I would love you to put a link to my blog on this one. I look forward to meeting and serving with you!
    Sister Bunker